Net Neutrality removal bill

Well It’s in 2 days, what’s going to happen if the bill gets passed?


It will not get passed.

and that’s what they explain to me

But… all the hentai…

Tbh i wouldnt care either way. I’d just adapt to whatever is different. As i have been doing for a long time. (Most of you are players of a game of which the devs of, switch the game up drastically often. You’ll survive)

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You will care if you have to pay for the internet speed you have now. You will also have to pay for information you can now access for free. Net neutrality is a huge issue.

In Britain Theresa already promised to gut the internet before it was cool. we’ve had certain porn categories such as spanking, fisting (theres a litteral “3 finger rule” in place now) and rape fantasy. it was at first made illegal for porn producers in the Uk to make these categories but now the old bat wants to make it litterally illegal for a british adult citizen to watch spanking videos in their own home. daft bitch. still better than Jeremy mind you.

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Three finger rule…, hahahahaha. The Internet should be free and open as it was designed. That three finger rule is hilarious.

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No. I will not care. There are things i want to do that i get distracted from doing by the internet. I wouldnt buy internet. I would be able to live my life. I kinda hope it does get restricted. Maybe people wouldnt be on it 24/7