Nerf the capacity of raids


U gotta work hard boi to get some stuff that usually need money
As u can get 500T for free each week which is worth like 9.99$


i only have one CL
only ONE
not TWO, ONE!!!
and i have no heat bomb… so im forced to use the rocket king set with a CL attached to it


OK calm down bro and if u hawent got 2 cl use 1 (heat verison of hysteria)(i dont know its name)
and put a repulser bcs if they are myth they can be useful…(Corrupt lightes not repulsers)


oh sorry, i was just emphasizing that i only had one :stuck_out_tongue:


how is that useful?


well, its usefull bcs it pushes ur enemy to 3 ways and the u can use the CL and the reclessbeam?


recklessbeam is trash
better to use other weapons instead
so in other words repulser is not useful


actually a rare repulser is than the myth one(armor dissolver)lol.

rare one’s generate much,much less self heating.

also no,raid doesn’t need a nerf nor buff.


Raidneeds a buff
Add 10 more minions and make them all full mythical