Nerf the capacity of raids


alright,thanks. (but im a bit late whit heat mech) and im reached the danger zone in 2v2 alerdy


The setup I suggested is for raid tiers 5 (energy opponents) and 6 (physical opponents).
As such Zarkares is WORSE than either Windigo or Brutality because of its lower resistance against electrical and physical damage.
Raid is about the amount of damage you receive so those few additional resistance points are important for the score.


that thing is too op
i cant pass place 5!!! and i have 3 myths!!!

and the last place is a nightmare


Take off Abomination, equip another CL and a Heat Bomb - both max myth.
Then you can overheat the enemies and force them into shutdown.

Why does everyone assume that they must have the right to beat raid tiers 5 and 6 with their current equipment?
Raid is about finding the right equipment and then having that needed equipment leveled up to beat the raid.

Raid is NOT meant to be beaten with whatever you have focused on so far BUT about creating a setup that CAN beat the raid tiers.
So please stop crying about not being able to finish the raid with your current items.
That is like a child crying “I want to beat it. So I must be able to beat it without having to do any extra work for it!”.


dont got a second CL or heat bomb
im stuck with the set i have

also i do change some equipment is just i dont really have all the weaponry i need


CL starts at rare. How do you not have any?? :thinking:


Then raid is not too hard but as you said: You just do not have the weaponry you need.
Since all the needed items are non-premium starting at worst at epic you can get them from farming and buying silver boxes.
So that is no reason to nerf raids.


im still pretty sure that not being able to pass through raid with like 2 max myth weapons and one almost maxed myth torso means raid needs a nerf… seriously those mechs can not only do a ton of dmg but they also drain like half of my energy in 1 turn


It sounds like you need to buff up your energy mods.


Nope. It just means that you either do not have the needed weapons for your current modules like you are missing heat bomb or you do not have the needed modules for your current weapons as in you need more energy engines to not be drained.

P.S.: 2 max mythed weapons are nothing. For PvP alone you need far more max mythed weapons and other items.


they’re legendary
only equipped 2

the drain is not the reason why i die, it’s the dmg they do
and they can barely overheat within 2 moves so… i get hit too much and always get to the boss but he’s the one that kills me


That’s rough…

It’s too bad you don’t got another H-bomb…


i even equip energy res that gives me like almost 40 protection…
always died at the boss
only twice i’ve made it with half of my hp (that’s right) once i mythed my abomination… so im pretty sure i’m supposed to be able to make it through but i cant


One day, you’ll beat the final raid. :slightly_smiling_face:


oh i’ve always been able to beat the last day… once i pass the energy place and change most of my mods for plates and phy res


Beggars can’t be choosers.


Because most of those people are
One. someone who doesn’t work on their account.
two. They are just lazy to do it or they forget


so, the best thing are buff the raid!


Pretty sure your doing fine with raid because you have a heat bomb litterally on your side ready to nuke the enemy in the raids.
I am fine with it because I pack in more hp on raid number 6.
Basically meaning my HP changed from 2022. To 2227 or so.
And about 82 physical resistance too


YOU seriously dont hawe a CL (if you cant understand the prescurtion CL= Corrupt Light
(the heat version of malice beam)