Nerf the capacity of raids


The idea is the following:Nerf the raids hp and damage. Because more than 40% of players are stuck in 4 th or 5 th Raid. And give more gold rewards. It was just a tought and i didn t know if you would like it or not :):neutral_face:


I honestly wouldnt complain- before Raids, the only way to get tokens (without payment, once you completed the campaign) was from the daily achvievment- 10 tokens!

With the adding of raids, we all get a chance to get tokens, and that is great enough as it is.


don’t nerf raid just buff it


You want raids to be harder to complete? You are basically asking that you and everyone else gets lower rewards…


yeah its right but before i had beaten the 6 th boss i got MUCH more tokeens than now…


well,but just tink on it… u killed the 6 th boss in the nowdays? bcs if u didn t dont say this.(more tokkens= joy


git gud


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I think its good as it is… Just make your mech better one, instead of asking for nerf… i can’t pass wave 5 yet, but my mech is not strong enough yet… learn with the game, man, learn with the game :wink:


There is no need for a nerf: Think about it. It is higher difficulty for everybody, and rewards are based off place in leaderboard, so no difference.


The raids are fine just as is… Why, you may ask?
The whole point of raids is to get a higher score and eventually take no damage(perfect!)

Let us say you can do till the 4th raid and can get 11k points…
Then you get 75 or 100 tokens, and then do the same thing is, try to get a higher score.
Then you beat the 5th raid and so on.
Not everyone needs to complete all the raids, you mech has to be worthy for it(like thor is for his hammer, you have to for your gold and tokens)

Every week the raid motivates you to play more and upgrade more, which is the whole poibt of a game…
So, in mine and many others opinion, nope.
Leave the raids alone.


mmm yeah cyber u can say 5%-3% of players only can do the last arena in raid but
u don’t have to do it
as @kathdruth said if u do it till 4th or 5th u will still get a good reward
i was doing it till 5th and can’t do 6th it was ok with me i was getting 125 tokens but this week i did 6th and that means i upgraded my mech more
every week u upgrade ur mech more and more so chance of getting a higher score is more
for my opinion i say it doesn’t need a nerf :slight_smile:



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Hmm, yes maybe you are right but im just noticed it… (and i can get to the 5 th raid)


so if u can get to the 5th raid that means u get 100-125 tokens from raid


Alright thanks for telling it.:slight_smile:


np i hope soon u do the 6th too :slight_smile:


ok xd. but it was just a tought…


The easiest way to finish raids tiers 5 and 6 is using a fully mythed heat mech.

Arena Shop: 20% on Heat Damage (to overheat opponents faster and longer)
Torso: Brutaility or Windigo
Legs: Any good legs for HP
Side Weapons: Heat Bomb, 2 Corrupt Lights and 1 Flame Hammer (as alternative you can also use a War Hammer).
Top Weapons: None (only sometimes Valiant Sniper might be useful in raid 5)
Utility items: Teleporter (common)
Modules 3-4 heat engines, 3-4 HP plates, 0-2 energy engines as modules, 1 energy protector (for raid 5) / 1 physical (protector for raid 6)

With that setup beating raid tier 5 and 6 should be possible for anyone and it does not need any premium items.
Only upgrading those non-premium items as high as possible except the teleporter.
(means: teleporter - common lv. 1 to 10, normal protectors - epic lv. 30, HP plates to epic lv. 30, torso + legs, weapons to myth level 50, Heat / Energy Engines at least legendary lv. 40 but better myth level 50)

Btw. when you are already complaining about raid tiers 5 and 6 then just wait till you reach “The Danger Zone” in the 2vs2 campaign and try to clear that on insane mode.
That is a challenge that makes raid tiers 5 and 6 look like child’s play.


or zarkares
windigo is better than brutality for heat and brutality is better than windigo for the hp
so brutality is better for raids
but over all zarkares is better
better than windigo for the heat and better than brutality for the hp
so zarkares is the best for the raid