Nerf please, because


malice beam and corrupt light are way too OP (atleast for me cuz im nub)

PS: this is my (stupid) opinion, you can hate me for this :sob:


As you wish, I hate you. They are not OP, you need to utilize a proper tactics. Equip a pull weapon (like Night Eagle, Grim Cobra), and voilla! your problem is over. Now every time sb wants to hit you wit MB or CL, one has to jump back and loses one turn…


If you recognize you’re “nub” as you claimed… then the weapons are not overpowered… you’re just underpowered. :stuck_out_tongue:


wot rank r u?
im only trunk tree


GameSmasher Atomic NERFs Taco_Gamer for being under powered nub :cactus:


I agree,Malice and Corrupt are amazingly op at legend,especially Malice…Low energy and Low cool downs are really easy prey for these two,and if you have Legend Malice x2 Legend Corrupt x2 on one bot…wish your enemies goodluck


Just pull out energy weapons and drain energy, to make them stop, You are not getting them nerfed I love how I use them :smiley:


Guess you haven’t experienced being raped by constant malice corrupt combo then?


I have, but I whoop it


If you have 2 x Malice and 2 x Corrupt in one mech, your mech is trash.

Energy and Heat do NOT go together.