Nerf metal shredder swarms now!


###Metal Shredders NEED a nerf no doubt.
They just completely own any other Mythical side physical weapon there is. Same with the electric/heat versions. When you see double Devastation Swarm/Infernova you’re basically screwed if you don’t have good cooling and heat. The damage for the Devastation Swarms is already enough, but when you add heat and the low rocket cost it’s just way too overpowered. Same with the physical/electric versions. This is why I want them nerfed.

Metal Shredder Mark I: I suggest bumping up the weight to 75 and/or make the rocket consumption 15 instead of 10 and/or nerfing the damage down to 75 - 85 instead of 85 - 125 (just like the Needle Blaster Mark I)

Metal Shredder Mark II: Bump the weight to 79, and/or make the rocket consumption 15, and/or nerfing the damage down to 80 - 90 (just like the Needle Blaster Mark II)

Devastation Swarm Mark I: Remove the max cooling damage, and/or nerf the damage down to 55 - 75, but keep the heat damage as is.

Devastation Swarm Mark II: Remove Max cooling damage, and/or nerf damage down to 60 - 80, but keep the heat damage as is.

Electric Storm Mark I: Remove max regeneration damage, and/or nerf damage down to 65 - 85, but keep energy damage as is.

Electric Storm Mark II: Remove max regeneration damage, and/or nerf damage down to 70 - 90, but keep energy damage as is.

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Metal Shredder mark I should do 75-80 Damage since it only needs 10 rockets. Mark II should do 75-90 Damage since only 10 rockets. Devastation swarm mark I should do 60-70 damage, 1-2 cooling damage, and add 45-50 heat. Mark II should do 65-70 damage, 1-2 cooling damage, and add 55-65 heat.
For the electric version, it should be same as heat but of course regeneration instead of cooling and energy instead of heat.


Whats the point of making Mark II crap of like every single weapons?


So when people get Mark I’s they’ll feel bad that they got the worse version and try to get the better one, wasting money in the process.


Diamond shells are the most OP mechs, keep the swarms.


Metal Shredders, Devastation Swarm and Electric Storm could be nerfed in very simple way: just double their ammo consumption (up to 20 rockets per attack). This will bring the weapon to the level of other items, due to amount of times it can be used is now limited - not as limited as lava spray, but still.

althrough, beta test likely should change them somehow anyway


i agree! these shredders and swarms needs to require 15(not 10) rockets! and increased rarity of diamond shells(that goddamn shells always make me quit from battles)(simply not fair)


How would you increase the rarity of an item which is already mythical?


still will be mythical but unlike other mythicals this need to be harder to obtain(compare to other mythicals(you see my every accounts had least 1 freaking diamond shell)) but rarity is still mythical!


Yes we must nerf them also diamond shell needs to be regulated they re now so op than normal builds


Can you still enter beta test? I made my account a day late :frowning:





And if we ever had nerf Diamond Shell then what do you think of any other good uses for Diamond Shell


If swarms get nerfed then diamond shells will take the game


then what about ultranovas, shotguns, might want to nerf all weapons that do,say, 90+ damage. instead increase your energy level to ,say,175(basically the idea is that your energy shield doesn’t get switched off) ; increase resistance to 8-10 ; use energy shields that take away 50% damage; then you see that these super weapons aren’t super anymore(may be they will do 70 damage or less than 60 even), but you are(hope you don’t use it against me).
so don’t think about nerfing them, just develop a new strategy
of course you cant win all battles; when your mech is prepared for a physical battle; a heat mech would come up and make you squeal and vice versa.
devs, is there any chance that you allow us any one to choose one out of our 3 mechs after we have seen and assessed our enemy(just kidding).


@MochaLust There are different rarity levels even for mythical items:

Level 30
Level 31
Level 32
Level 33
Level 34
Level 35 (Higest class for items)
Level 36 (Power kits)


[quote=“unni2013, post:17, topic:2943, full:true”] use energy shields that take away 50% damage;
lets say enemy shot you ONCE with weapon that deals like 150 damage. Now, would you prefer to take 225 energy damage or 188 heat? cause this numbers is exactly what you gonna receive with 50% shields today
now remember enemy still didn’t fire second time this turn. And then there his drone…

shields like 25-30% can be still held in rank 1 fights. shield 50% - is little more than a joke


Oh ffs seriously? Cmon




Theyre working on balancing rn. :slight_smile: