Nerf Faceshocker drone


Still prefer energy-less. Solely because energy in this version is broken with it’s insane drains. You’d be better off with energy-less overall in a fight.

But for the love of god, can it be 50 weight? I’m seriously tired of seeing anything for heat be stupidly overweight.


I definitely agree, 45 seems kind of crazy for the regular heat drones


I personnaly prefer Face Hugger ^^


Ew half life


NYS (Nerf Your Self)


I think the valiant sniper is the only thing keeping the energy mechs alive and part of the fight ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Physical: nightfall, annihation, spartan carnage, mercy, night eagle
Heat: reckoning, magma blast, abomination, deslotion.


Is windforge better or faceshocker better?


windforge to the 1 hundred.

it drains as much as face shocker , and doesnt have turns of use,


Plus it’s super lightweight


Those weapon are OP for you? What about bunker shell, valiant sniper, ash creator. Energy mech is the most OP mech. I can’t see where physical mech are overpowered, they are shit against good heat and OP energy


My pre physical mech


the only bad part is the 1 less resist drain


i really agree with you i´m a physical and i don´t know why people find this drone so hard to counter… all you have to do is wait til it goes down and they are done lol


Not really , most high damage/drain mechs don’t even need the face shocker anymore when it goes down


only stupid energys do that lol


I got killed by faceshocker drones it hurts