Nerf Faceshocker drone


Same , i always have my hopes up for a windforge.


I work on a drainer.
It might be a tough fight while he has the drone,but the turn after it deactivates and the opponent reactivates it (thus consuming an action point) I immediately drain him.After that he’s KO for good.
It might hit hard,but once these 3 turns are gone it’s an instant loss for him,trust me.
So no,it ain’t that OP as it is kinda unreliable…Just wait for the right moment and drain the entirety of his soul!


On the bright side, I got this:

And from firsthand experience, I can tell you that it’s OP.


That is not OP.

Want me to show you the one item that might be closest to be OP?

close to op

But even with that one it depends on one’s own mech setup.
If you are set up against energy sufficiently then even that one item doesn’t neccessarily become too much of a problem and hence it is close to op but not yet really OP.
And Face Shocker is not even close to be as bothersome as this item which in turn means that Face Shocker is not OP either.


And here’s the ever-so controversial topic.

Tbh, I think vs. Physical, FaceShocker is much more OP than a Valiant Sniper. Vs. Heat? FaceShocker is nearly a death sentence. Vs. Energy? That consumption of energy will kill you vs. WindForge users. You just need to look into it some more to truly get your final opinion on this drone.

Being physical, I hate this drone to death. I’d love it to have ~250 damage when drained and under -1 resistance instead of over 300.


Since we’re just nerfing whatever seems to do damage can we nerf desolation while we’re at it


if they were willing to put effort into balancing the stuff in this game, they would have done it back during the update that screwed over every legacy player.
they should have balanced the new stuff with the old, so legacy items wouldnt be sh_it. but that would mean that they care about the players and not just their money, so nothing will ever get done to fix the imbalance in this game. (its not just face shocker)


Heat mech here, and I actually don’t think the Face Shocker needs a nerf. As I’ve seen elsewhere - and experienced in battle - once the drone goes down after its three uses, you generally don’t have a good opportunity to put it up again. In my case, it means I regain my energy and (usually) win the battle. Again, my main mech is a heat mech, so no bias here (I hope). IMO, this game is actually pretty well balanced, not perfectly but pretty close.

… Though I will say the Valiant Sniper is definitely a bit OP.


my only problem is that the face shocker is very strong, and generally ends up doing more total dmage if you re deploy it when it runs out.
I dont think it should be nerfed I think that they should add heat and physical versions of it.


That would be interesting if they could pull it off. Maybe they could make the physical one energy-free or something? Idk.


Honestly I would prefer a nerf of Valient Sniper instead of faceshocker
But I wouldn’t want it nerfed too much, just a little bit


Okay, why is the valiant sniper so OP? I’ve encountered one in battle before, it wasn’t hard to beat. Just get close.


Was it at legendary or mythical
Also some energy mechs will just push you back


It was legendary. And they didn’t push me back or anything. They just stomped me instead.


That is one stupid energy mech you are fighting
Also at mythical it is an unstoppable beast


At max mythical it does -189 energy and -13 (not 11! oops) regen. Two of those things = instant energy break for many mechs. That’s why its OP!


-13 regen*


Based on the relation of the Face Shocker to other energy drones, this is my extrapolated stats for what the physical and heat versions would be. The heat one has two variants because if you go off of Windforge which has the same energy drain as Face Shocker, and relate that to the equivalent Swoop, the heat one would have energy cost but weigh less; if you relate the heat version to other heat drones, it would weight more.

Face Puncher
Weight 39
Phys Dmg 226 - 285
Phys resist drain 12 (maybe 11)
Cost 26 energy / 26 heat

Heat (lower weight but with energy cost like Swoop)
Face Melter
Weight 36
Exp Dmg 163 - 213
Heat Dmg 58
Heat resist drain 6
Cost 50 energy / 50 heat

Heat (Higher weight like other energy free heat drones)
Face Melter
Weight 61
Exp Dmg 163 - 213
Heat Dmg 58
Heat resist drain 6
Cost 0 energy / 50 heat


Definitely the no energy one.


Faceshocker doesn’t get a turn expended if it doesn’t fire, so the energy one may actually be kind of useful; it would fire first turn, maybe second turn if you aren’t drained yet. If you are drained it will just hang out, and if the enemy gets overheated and you get energy back, it fires again for probably a kill shot or another shutdown. Anyways this is all fantasy world lol I feel like they would have added these if they were ever going to