Nerf Faceshocker drone


IMO this drone is completely OP and needs a serious nerf. The 3 turns that it has does absolutely nothing as the user can just pull it out again. The damage is way too high and that combined with the energy makes a legendary one seem like most other mythical drones. Nerf it now.


You are starting a shitstorm


What is this trash???


Id have to agree, only the frothing out the mass energy mechs who resfuse to see balance would disagree against a nerf



Not really worth fighting.

Like Yeet said (hate to agree), mass energy mechs will defend this thing and energies OP-ness with their lives.

Hell I’m expecting one to mention how it’s only 3 uses, that it isn’t really op. Yeah 300+ dmg is totally not OP when used at the right time.


I wonder, would it be less op if it only had 2 uses?


Also prepare for the stampede of energy users coming this way. There will be much protest.


yup. I am ready. Cross my heart. Still, my only regret is tossing face shocker. Goodbye mean faceshocker world.


It still would be. 300+ damage is still 300+ damage regardless of uses.

Nerf that shit, make it only slightly stronger than Windforge.


totally agree with this I’m so tired of getting wrecked by it been playing this game for about a year and this is the most unbalanced drone out there


but SM reloaded was only out for about 10 months… What are you saying @Conner Cmon man you can do better than that


Well, I take it that except for the thread’s creator everyone else is just being sarcastic over it.

I’m using a heat mech and I like it when the opponent uses Face Shocker.
–> Because I simply heat up the opponent before he can drain my energy completely.
To do that all I need is my energy cap at 394 and my energy regen of 201.

And I like Face Shocker because it disappears after 3 shots. So the energy drain immediately decreases by that making it even less likely for me to be drained completely.

In the end it just means that your mech needs to be set up correctly against energy mechs.

I set up my mech against energy while the thread’s creator focused on a different type of opponent.
And now he complains that he loses against energy types.

Then should I complain about physical mechs dealing too much damage because I set up my mech against energy types and have too low hp to fight pure physical types effectively?

No, of course not, it was my choice to focus on anti-energy, just as the thread’s creator choose not to do so.
Hence there is no reason to complain.
Just change your mech’s build to deal with those opponents instead of complaining.
That isall there is to it.


How about you learn to counter it


lol your just jealous of his subs

Anyone get the reference?


This kind of understanding is completely beyond many Supermechs players


just learn how to counter this drone.


I’m an energy mech and I don’t use it because I think you lose value from using a turn to bring it up again


I am the Faceshitter drone user and every time I open a box I pray for the Windforge… Why, read my explanation in the Faceshocker is OP thread…


Im an energy user,but I have to admit tho,its kinda op.It doesnt help that you can refresh the uses by just activating it again