Nerf EMP kills heat class

Physical class have ceased to be afraid of energy and now they put only heat.
Return the emp before the nerf!

typical phys:
2000-2300 hp
600 heat
270-350 cooling
200-230 energy
50-60 regeneration
2 nightfall, 1 annihilation, 1 night eagle, void

let them be afraid of energy and this will give a chance to the heat class. Now this is 100% defeat against the physical.


you see mate, many people on the forum complained against emp for its crazy energy drain(usually 500+ using arena shop)
The developers took a notice of it, and nerfed it.

Once a desicion has been made, a look of thinking and work is also put it to appease the players and their requests.
Now right after the nerf if people (such as you) ask for it to be put back(such as the seraphblade), the devs will get frustrated, and will never heed our suggestions(okay, kinda over exaggerated there).

But you see, we all gotta adapt.


U know its not okay to instabreak, right?


EMP is already nerfed too much bro,70 kg?eww…

Pack 500 energy and you’ll see

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Oh,I don’t understand…I thought he want’s to nerf EMP because it kills heat :sweat_smile:

I saw this, but I had no problems with emp, I won such energies.

these physical not wishing to adjust, but this deflection of administration is not clear to me! The added elements should remain as they were invented by the developer, and the players must adjust to them!

(it google translate)


That’s not typical it’s usually
2000-2400 hp
500-700 (Depending if it’s a Anti heat phys)
230 ish - 300 (Again Depending if it’s a Anti heat phys)
300-500 Energy (Depending if it’s a Anti energy phys)
100-200 Regeneration (Again, Depending)
Resistances are
Depending from 30+ Phys, Energy or Heat res, Depending on what Anti build it is

I have not seen these :smile: )

only 2 mechs and both have 600 heat.
already two days. I lose all physical, because they all have such parameters. they only have 2 mechs.

system can not to choose ONLY an antiHeat phys.


They’re real, They can take two EMP before getting Energy broken, I for example, Made one of these with a Dual Annihilation and Avenger build, Quite effective as well, Some has high energy and a Stationary one, A Claw build to be exact, Having a Mercy, Nightfall and Spartan Carnage, If you haven’t seen the top ranks then you sure need to get some ranks and even if you can’t, Having three Energy Mods at myth can get you to 500 energy cap easy, Depending on the torso that is, Plus being a Physical main, EMP’s are the most annoying items in game for me, That almost instant Break makes me so pissed it’s amazing on how much I can offer a punch to my screen, Though having a Annihilation or a Desolation helps a lot

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But I gotta say, I think they did a tad bit too much on the weight there… 50 would have been enough.

50 isn’t enough boi, That instant energy break is a Pain in the A$$ to recover from, Especially if you have 160 regen

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on 5-4 ranks such did not meet!

Well you aren’t in the top ranks and ranks 5-4 is where the Discount Energy Mechs can’t go, Too much heat mechs

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Okay, I guess so( I am rank 10-9), and have only met 2 emp users for around 70 pvp battles this week.
Mine is a rounded mech(1.4k hp, 430 energy,200 regen,420 heat, 180 cooling)(not that rounded, i know).
If i make it anti energy and phys, emps are easy.

But okay, I feel ya.

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I have predicted this will happen.
In the top ranks there are no mkre energy mechs.
Out of a total of 30 mecbs in top 10, only 2 are energy. One is a troll build with 800 heat with heat protect, to counter heat mechs(betsy), the other is a anty phis troll build with 2300hp and phis protect. Both builds pack 200 energy…
Also in the top 10, there are only 5-6 heat mechs.
The rest are phis, with 2300+ hp, 580 heat allround.
This has unbalamced the game alo.
Cause basicly energy is gone now… it can’t be competitive anymore because they cant drain fast enough the phis to actualy survive 2-3 salvos from phis wepons.

See these thoughts about the subject.
How a simple nerf to a wepon,EMP, killed 2 types with one nerf.
In that topic there are calculation that prove this.
This will continue to agravate thru out the ranks.
Because now in ranks 10-1, phis is dominating.


They already nerfed it lol

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To me, energy isn´t problem. I don´t carry energy on any of my mechs, so… isnt problem to me!

Im divorced from energy and atm building one free energy 3rd. heat, to get rid of my phys (today I got a Desolation that was missing, now I need another reckoning). Once I built a phys, I took pains, put 700 energy and 280 regen and they made ball it in the third turn … never again!

I opposed the nerf of EMP and the nerf of anything, because my position is “anti-nerf”. I´m “pro-buff”.

However, personally, nerf or nerf EMP, to me it´s all the same. I will always run out of energy on the first shot anyway.

lol … sometimes I laugh at myself when I see myself on TOP … I´ve no idea how I got there … a miracle!

My build is different :stuck_out_tongue:
1 Nightfall
1 Annihilation
1 Nighteagle
I don’t have 600 heat rather I have around 500
Around 500 energy (This is when I myth the last 2 modules.)
And you seem to be saying Physicals were always scared of EMP before nerf.
I ain’t scared by that thing even WITH the nerf.



Buff heat even further.