[NERF] Crimson Rapture

Now I did like this update, but after reviewing some of the items Iv been using and getting bored, Iv come to the conclusion that this item needs a nerf;

Have a look at its overpowered stats;

And whats more, it even reduces their max heat but it doesnt show that in stats. this weapon is broken

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I can’t make any comment.

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And its not even lvl 50 yet…

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Look at the electric counterpart of it.
Also look at the death punch series…

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The new death punch series is a complete joke. They should be nerfed - they even have a very close-long range!

I had to face KiG Blinc in 1v1 and he took the majority of my health out with the death punch (new version).

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Im 1st in the world cos my death punch + grapple does 800-1000 in 1 go

I mean @killymachine go check top rankings

Yeah and if we check the way you are playing… you don’t really deserve to be on the top. No offense.

I think he is trying to make that point himself. He seems an honest player to be wanting to nerf his own weapons for a better game.


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