Nerf all beam variants


They’re just too OP. Especially the energy one. If you have 2 of these that are legendary, you can just always overheat/energy drain anyone with energy/heat lower than 250, which is a lot of noobs (like me). Anyways, I think they should be nerfed by either:

Giving them turns
Make them not drain max heat/energy
Make them drain less
Make them do less damage
Make them require much more energy/heat

You can do all of these or just one, but I’d like giving them turns so it doesn’t go on forever.



What are you even talking about…?


Corrupt beam, malice beam.

And this is for lower level players.


And that’s why those weapons don’t needs to be nerfed.


Sure, to high level players they’re nothing, but to low levels with only a few legends and not good heat/energy, it’s infuriating to just get drained of your energy or overheated in 2 turns.


those weapons are not very powerful, they should increase their damage


That’s because you’re endgame. At lower levels, they’re too harsh. Instead, let’s compromise. Let’s buff the mythical variants but nerf the legendary variants.


Why in the world would they nerf something because a player with an underdeveloped mech has trouble with it? The whole point is for it to make you want to buy tokens to level up your mech. It is working exactly as planned. Beyond that if you did what you are saying they would be useless at top level, which let me assure you would be far more frustrating than what you are going through now if you are faced with a situation where you can’t compete at all against the premium level weapons.


… I do not see any sense in making this request, maybe it is your mech that is wrongly configured, or you use bad head, you do not want to put modules to carry weapons, etc.


Well, my mech doesn’t have good heat/energy and I get pummeled by these. And I can’t improve them either because I never get epic modules.


q head you use, the head you use is the one that contributes more than this, try to reach mythical and not seconded from common


There’s the problem then. The items don’t need to be changed.


And thats why you should learn to git gud



aka grind for a few years

aka spend $$$$$$$


They already got nerfed!
Corrupt light used to do a lot more heat damage before,and you still say it’s OP?
Then just get some more modules,bro…
Please revise your own particular build before saying something like that in general.


Just like Fluxeon already stated, it is not the weapons being too strong but you simply not having the correct equipment to counter them.
And from your statement “I never get the epic modules.” you have even known that fact before making your post.
So why do you falsely complain about weapons being op when your issue is just about the drop rates of the modules?

Instead of asking for nerfs that are not justified you should demand better drop rates for certain equipments like epic modules and such.
That would be the correct action for you to take and you certainly would get more positive feedback from the community than with unjustified demands for nerfs.

But then again… in the end TacticSoft would most likely ignore it anyway no matter which one it is.


Btw this idea is a huge middle finger to all f2p energy and heat players.


you wont believe how many ways there are to counter dual beam builds, even as a low level. if anything, i think dual beam builds are one if the easiest to counter because of the range. example: one of the many ways to counter malice beam builds, just have a phys or heat hook (NOT electric) and a charge engine equipped. it does not guarantee a win, but it will definitely raise your chances.


Or just beef up on energy and heat engines.

If you dont have those just annoy the heck out og them by jumping out of range


There is definitely a hump in this game when going from lower ranks to higher where you start to run into people with mythical beams, and get absolutely trashed… it’s often the first thing people max on their mech… it’s up to you to decide if you want to grind and get your own equipment up to speed, or to just give up now.

In a week or two when you have level up your own modules these beam people won’t be a problem but you will have the same issue with people who have maxed legendary/myth items that you don’t have yet.

Now I have a fully fused energy mech and am finally hitting rank 2… still running into people who obliterate me. It’s a long hard climb up but just keep leveling your shit and you will improve.

Also I got most of my epic/leg/myth energy and heat engines from grinding ramboy on normal difficulty, this is what I suggest if you need to find some of these.