Needle blasters useless because of shredders


i thick shredders,storms, and devastation swarms ruined the game because they are too OP just think about it this is a needler mark 2
80-90 damage
3 resist drain
15 bullets consumption
2-4 range
now look at a metal shredder mark 2 (rocket version of needler)
90-130 damage that is 25 more damage on average OP
4 resist drain 1 more than needler
2-4 range
10 rockets consumption 5 less rockets than needler uses bullets. and rockets are easier to supply check mythical moudules and they tried to justify it by saying it generates 20 heat but i mean its still op even if you consider how much heat it generates either remove needlers or make them better or visversa to metal shredders


I THINK sorry im not fluent


BUFF those needle blasters!


you think needle blasters are "useless"
I know they are useful. It is metal shredders (along with devastation swarm and electric storm) who are overpowered. In fact, they all are so above “good myphical weapon”, tacticsoft could quicknerf them long ago - like they did some time ago with Infernal Haxe, Steel Spammer and Lighting Spammer, which, shortly after release, was nerfed by slightly reducing stats and limiting their use to 4 uses.

With myphical Short-Range Missiles tacticsoft could do the same, and while needed damage is debatable, limiting number of uses (by increasing ammo consumption to 15 rockets per shot) would be what is easy to do and effective “still strong weapon, can’t spam as much as in past”. But no, instead of that fix they “here, at some time in future we will make beta testing, it will last some more time, and some time after that we will rebalance weapons, which maybe will aslo nerf mSRMs”


thats wwhat im saying but whatever