Needle Blaster strikes back again (Increasing damage proposal)

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Here’s some options:

Mark I : 90-100 | No heat generation, -3 resist drain, 10 bullets, range 2-4
Mark II : 100-110 | Same as mark I.


Mark I : 85-110 | +10 heat gen, -3 resist drain, 10 bullets, range 1-4
Mark II : 95-120 | +15 heat gen, -3 resist drain, 10 bullets, range 1-4

The reason is to make old items useful again, needle blaster is a pretty good weapon, maybe the best of the old times. I hate the fact that we have spent money (or time) to obtain those items and now they are forgetted.


The Needle Blaster…The good old times… When the game was fun.
I personaly think even a 5 dmg increase in that weapon would still make it usefull.
The second proposal, will just land them on par with Shreders, not usefull.


Yes…they might do this or not.
It depends if this is gonna be noticed
Or not and if they agree on it or not.

BUT! Pretty good idea,love itis.



thanks for voting!

Second option is to give a chance against heat mech that use two lava spray and infernale axe, thats why 1-4 range


Cool idea but I personally. Don’t like it its not like I hate physical. Mechs but it seems just weird idk don’t like


Respect for your opinion but we all hate a specific type of mech, we should remove all in this way :smiley:


Great idea!
I would also suggest reducing ammo consumption to 10 bullets to make it a “bullet-based” equivalent of Metal Shredder. Then I would be a good counter for Diamond Shells…


that would only make them true OP.
A good sugestion would be , maintain curent lvl of damage, and reduce ammo consuption to 10.
There are alot of ways in improving items.
There is just a lack of interest in them.
More then 70% of the myths that the game has, are useless.
This unbalances alot the game.


its not Needle Blaster needs buff. Its Metal Shredder needs nerf

ammo consumption for both shouldn’t be less than 15. So need to increase ammo consumption and nerf damage of Metal Shredder, as well as of Devastation Swarm and Electric Storm


And then what would stop evrybody running DS repair drones? Or have the game be like 2 years ago… lavas and axes all the way. Breackers and Nova builds arent reliable counters for DS. The shreders are fine as they are.The Needles need a slight buff, like i suggested, a 5-10 increase in dmg, or ammo reduction to 10.
If you nerf the rocket weps, we go back to the game 1 year ago. Evrybody was kung fu fighting…fast as lightning…


can we then also buff the demolisher series as well?


Cool idea, have long wanted that the needles were on the same level with shredders :stuck_out_tongue::+1:


ya they need to be buffed as they use to be the best items like 1.5-2 years ago


are you kidding me?
DS is weak vs my heat orb cannon push-pull build (which also uses FireWatch). DS is weak vs any burst damage build (limited amount of shots but huge damage and resist break). Repair drone is weak vs any burst and gives nothing vs godmodes. All in all, DS repair-push stall only counters melee spam and needle blasters, it would soft-counter metal shredders too if they wasn’t so OP.


Do not forget this thread!


New version it’s comming so no needed to make post like this fow now, becausr everything will change, and also, @25352 you’re extremely wrong about all you said.


@KilliN its easy to say “you are wrong about what you said”, but that will only make you look childish


So let’s take a look at the numbers.


95% of people read “make needle blaster back strong” as “make myphicals balanced” (which is actually not wrong) and vote “yes”. So what?

of course I want balance, too. The only problem is that I would prefer to nerf certain OP weapons, not to make some other myphicals as much OP. And I wrote that earlier, didn’t I?

you, however, for some reason decided to read “this poll is 86% vs 14% and certain person voted for 14%” as “this certain person is wrong in everything they ever through long before the poll ever started”. Did you want to accuse me in something just because I voted for other option?


First of all, do not put words in my mouth.