Need tokens please! :(

Can anyone give me some tokens please??? I need them to buy new part (cuz my mech is not strong enough to fight in the arena)

I sent u some. Did u get em?

Theres a guy that plays Battle Dawn going by the name PLO. He throws around reds even when its a complete waste. You can ask him


You might have to pretend to be a girl first tho


Where did you send it to?

How do you send tokens? and how do you receive them tokens?

the only way i know of is through Battle Dawn. the tokens are shared Super Mechs and Battle Dawn, so the two SM players would place using their Supermechs id to get onto BD (if you connect your SM account to Facebook or google play, the link gets broken) and you would transfer the reds to the other player and on SM your reds would go down and their reds would go up.


okay thanks a lot…

I did, thanks man!

Appreciate it.

Don’t give away trade secrets



tokens gief …
… ye arrr tokens arrrr … me treasure … :stuck_out_tongue:

You can send tokens by sending them in the info page. Just plug in the person’s ID.

To give tokens, must have at least supporter rank “Super” and send the tokens via user ID. Pretty sure to be supporter rank super, you need to buy 1,000 tokens minimum. No idea how much is needed for ultra rank.

i’ve bought well over 1000 tokens. and i dont have any supporter rank

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Strange. I spent 20 bucks on an account over a year ago and got supporter super rank. I spent a total of $80 on that other account, never got ultra rank.

Pretty sure it’s 2000 for Super, 3500 for Ultra

stop acting like eMo

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That was literally the joke

ok but did you get any tokens from that? All eMo has to do is growl at PLO and he gives her reds

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Kaen send the lad some tokens