Need tokens can anybody send me some


My id is 21013994 and my mech name is LEGENDARY MECH

It doesnt matter how many you send, I just need to get my mech better.


Wow! I need tokens too! Who would of guessed…

Seriously though, its not even possible to send tokens… not inside the game anyways. Maybe there’s some cheaty way I haven’t heard of?

If there is then don’t use it!


what i mean is to have someone buy me some


Oh. Sorry, no can do.

But if you find somebody to do it have them send me some too :smiley:


Sure thing, I just need your credit card number and your account password.



I want you to buy me tokens


Why would anyone buy something for a stranger on the internet? Without even talking to them before?


How much you need, dude ? 10k ?


Are you planning on giving him 10k??? Cause i want some…


it doesnt matter 10k is fine thanks


This sounds like a bloody waste of tokens. I spent ~30k tokens and only went up 3 ranks (to rank 4 from 7) and the higher up you are the more it takes. I would recommend not wasting a single dime on SM.


You have no account now lol


No wonder there r so many scammers in game, phew

Ok and my post get flagged but that idiot who asked for his credit card doesn’t ! Good job


could you get in my account


No, I don’t play anymore, …


you were not going to buy me tokens were you





knew it


We all want Tokens :grinning:


Everyone invests in bitcoin when there is only 1 cryptocurrency that matters 125px-Tokens