Need tips for my Physical build

what is your channel?

Well…i’m only 14 but buying me a soda is cool,and besides,i like farming

wait your only fourteen, i though zark and i were the only ones?

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As f2p player i dont use much of my brain just copy it will save our time

I like this both build

So i would copy Rico and try to copy Hamza?

Actually, you CAN copy Hamza, but you can only TRY to copy RICO. Mercy (shotgun) is super hard to land. Never made it, although I would need it like hell… Meh luck…

Tho i don’t have a Brutality but i’ll try to get it

Avenger is better than Brutality if you don’t have mythical HP plates. Use that.

Physicals are the only type you can make strong without landing any good legendary items.

Just get the best HP/heat/energy stats you can and use some combination of Nightfall(s), Annihilation(s) and Night Eagle.

okay,i have avenger,so i should replace that with my mythical windigo?

You have windigo myth already so mount two pow pow n you good to go.

Yes! To do BAM BAM! :grin: If enemy doesn’t let you BAM BAM, do HOP BAM!


mercy shotgun is leg-myth right?

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Right. a leg-myth phys weapon

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i knew that it was a phys weapon as my clanmate @Dwightx has one maxed.

but thx


Already done and it need to mythical right?

Yes 2 combo king nightfall is enough to take you to rank 2 through 3 blue engine n 2 red engine to ur windigo.

So,newsflash i got another Anni AKA Annahilation so that makes three anni…so…what now?

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