Need tips for my Physical build

Is it good?
i think it needs improvement
and what to mythical first on my weapons?
The back breaker isn’t one of them so yeah

Remove the backbreaker , it will just drain your energy . Use a night eagle instead for ranged attacks.

you dont really need energy when you are physical , so remove those and add a couple extra HP plates

Trying build my mech. I’s almost same as you.


I had tried two annihilator but opponents dont allow twice bam bam.


You made my day with this! I swear, instead of using sophisticated phrases like “double salvo”, “combo shots” or whatever the ufck, from now on in my YT videos I will just say “twice bam bam”… And this is my physical, based on 2 Annihilation bam bams…

I gave up on energy totally, and so if you face the energy mech, don’t even think of deploying the drone. Just shoot Nightfall once and Nighteagle once, if you still have the energy. Then switch to Annihilations and pray the opponent does not have Last Words. If he does, you are screwed anyways… But if you use any other physical weapon that requires energy, you are screwed anyways, too, because you will get drained by a top-level energy mech, no matter what… So I prefer the 2x Annihilation setup, plus Nightfall and Night Eagle…


More more more more HP

More hp. I would definitely kill you with my energy mech. Get those annihlations as high as you can. My energy mech gets beat by physical mechs 2 ways. Annihilations or hp.

I am a hybrid mech but a very strong one when it comes to battles of different types of mechs

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Everyone,Thank you so much for giving me your tips or builds xD
This’ll help so much!

it’s all depend on your strategy, but i recommend to build a mech with multiple capability, when it come to physical mech all you need is damage, HP, or suppress your opponent as much as you can, but also pay attention on your mech status like energy and heat cap, this current supermech update mech with high energy or heat capacity have higher chance of winning when fighting with mech that rely on heating mech or depleting energy, i have some suggestion here, just remove your backbreaker, change it to night eagle or mighty cannon or weapon that do pull

here my mech, hope you can find some ideas

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I think a version of R.I.C.O’s mech is currently the strongest physical build.

There are probably very few players with 3 mythical plates, but the best version would probably use Nightmare or Grim Reaper and 3 plates.

A version with Annihilation is probably the single best build of any type for players who haven’t found the right legendary items. With Avenger, Iron Boots and a lot of upgrading, you could be competitive in the top 25, or at least the top 50 without any legendary item luck.



In fact, yeah, Grim Reaper + 3 plates is probably best. 2300 HP, 460/190 Heat/Cooling, 524/196 Energy/Regen, or mess around with the modules for slightly different stats.

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when building a phys mech, the key thing you need to keep in mind is you’re attempting to bypass all the finess of the heat and energy stats and win based purely on deadass damage and deadass HP superiority. with that in mind, your HP is way, way, way too low. a good phys mech usually has high end HP and high end ability to take away HP. I agree with the previous suggestion to remove the hammer, it is generally quite useless when compared with the night eagle which will probably serve you better. when it comes to energy stats and physicals, it can be useful to have a high energy stat so you can get in one or two shots of an energy dependent phys weapon before your energy is drained by an opposing E mech but never sacrafice high HP for this. my guess is that you dont have fully upgraded modules. if so, you wont ever be a top player untill you do, but you still need to apply these principals to your mech to be the best of your fusion level for phys mechs. having said all this, I’m a fairly drunk energy mech user, but in old metas I have used a very successful phys mech as a staple of my 3v3 combos and these are the rules I lived by. take them or leave them as you see fit.

I really think that to make a physical mech is very easy if you have the indicated weapons also if by saying these in a range 1 it is advisable to have mitic and cooling modules to the maximum next to 2 mythic energy modules the only poblem of a physical mech is the torso has to be appropriate to the way you fight you have the best interceptor it is like when you do not have the following I tell you the brutality wendigo and avenger and it will be much better with a mythical life plate to the maximum so you can win more easily and you will be a difficult opponent to win I hope my advice helps you

Can i see the modules of your physical mech please?

So i should replace my Windigo with a Avenger?
i can cause i already have an avenger and some good modules

Don’t do that, unless you got at least 2 myth HP modules. Avenger was my first maxxed myth, I chose it for the largest HP pool - I did not have any HP modules. After the nerf, it is the least HP torso, so I find it extremely difficult to hit the low-ish 1900-2000 HP. And to exceed the 2k mark, you need 3 myth HPs… It is much easier to base a physical on Avenger. The difference in HP is over 400 (!!!), so you save 1.5 myth HP module by just switching the torsos… Add some cooling and energy (if you need it), and you are way better than with Avenger… Regrettably, Windigo is also low on HP, just like Grim Reaper. And the best high HP torsos are Avenger, Brutality and Naga.

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I think what Mordulec meant is do do that.

Avenger is probably the best torso if you don’t have access to mythical plates. I initially ignored it and maxed Windigo because I expected to find a mythical plate or two. Once I realized how unlikely that is, I started upgrading Avenger.

Damn it, I mistook the names, I meant Interceptor, INTERCEPTOR was nerfed, not Avenger, Sorry @0ld_Supermechs_User for confusion!

Alright so your all saying is change my torso,get myth plates,get all of my items to myth and remove the back breaker?
Also i accidentally removed the Nighteagle so…sorry if you thought i didn’t have one

If you tell me how to do that, I will personally travel to you whenever you are located and buy you whatever liquor you wish… Provided you are of legitimate age…