Need some info about raid :3

Question 1

I wonder does your score from last raid remembered so it just keep growing by every next raid or you have to get a new score every time?

Question 2

Does every tire get harder and give bigger score by every next raid?

Question 3

What’s your score, guys? :wink:

Question 4

Who wants to know about my happy glitch? :3

Plz help :3

Question 1: Nope, only the current raid is counted.
Question 2: No idea, so far there’s only been two raids so its hard to say how they are related. I believe they are (and will keep) changing it until it is possible to perfectly complete it without cheating, but that’s just a guess.
Question 3: Last raid I was #315. Haven’t finished this one yet :stuck_out_tongue:
Question 4: Maybe? Idk.

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I have done the raids in a clean way, and I’ve compiled them in videos.

I invite you to see them, it will give you an idea of which configurations yield the most.

Likewise, I still need to improve my weapons a lot, but at least I achieve perfect score in the first levels, I just need to improve in the last 2 tiers.

My videos here: Raid Perfect Mode

Greetings :wink: