Need some Help(need 15 char)

Ok, so I’m trying out the new version… I wasn’t around for past4 months, so Im not so sure about what happened here… apparently my old mech seems to be useless now. And I’m making a new mech from scratch with the new weapons.

So I have a few doubts as I’m not really sure about what all new weapons are available… So I see top players still have the hellfire arm torso and yoshimo and the energy flame thing ( forgot what it is called lol)… are they some kind of updated version ? Or is there some way to transform the Legacy items to new myths?

Also it would be great if some Chart was available so that we know what we are going to get after transforming.

Thanks for the help

You can only use Legacy items for fusion you can not use them to transform items. The new energy flamers are much stronger than the old ones. Pretty much all the old stuff is useless now except to feed new items for upgrades. You may want to keep a shield or two and weapons like bully and push are useful.

I see…so all my savings for past 4 years completely wasted :unamused:

Not wasted you can use them to upgrade stuff. You have a huge advantage over a new player.

Ok, also, What happens after item limit starts ? Do I loose all my legacy items?

No you just cant get new items, it remembers new stuff you get but you cant use it. Also pay attention to the dots under items names they show how far somthing can be upgraded. You want to mostly upgrade items that can go all the way to mythic.

Oh…okay, so is there any way I can know what stats it will have when it is mythic? Like I have a sith torso, I upgraded from common to epic. I wouldn’t want to waste my coins upgrading it to myth and find that its stats are not suitable for my mech

sith is one of the best energy based torsos. if you are going for a energy mech it’s a good one.

the one crappy thing is you can’t use legacy items to transform stuff. But the end boss on normal gives a epic with the chance for a legendary every time you beat him. It is also a good way to get gold.

This is the stats of my maxed Mythic Sith.
Maxed Mythic Sith 321 Weight, 245 energy, 193 heat, 1019 Hit Points, 112 regeneration, 64 cooling, 22 Pys Resist, 16 ele resist, 22 exp resist

is the nightmare a good torso?

Nightmare is basicly Heat Sith it is good. The physical one has a yellow canopy.

yellow canopy?

The cock pit thing. Sith is blue, Nightmare is red and I think it is called interceptor is yellow. In my opinion the best physical torso is the Archimonde it is the one that looks like the old Yoshimo X. This one is level 1 legendary

ToxicDoll could you please also post this image and stats on our Item names page, we’re trying to assemble as many as we can for future use.

If you could post an image of the Torso on the bot table for larger clarity and the stats with it would be great. SEE my image for what I mean, here’s the link.

Thank You


This is the current build Im using, I think I’ll go with physical, bcz my sword seems to be good… Maybe I’ll change my torso to interseptor, the current one is for energy I think

Level 41 Mystic Rolling Beasts

Best torso is Avenger imo, @Xzyckon and @Fluffeh can back me up here :stuck_out_tongue:

You’ll want to try to get as many new items before the limit starts as possible since they are far better than legacy stuff but you can’t get them once the limit goes into effect.

It sucks but what can we do :disappointed_relieved:

I can’t get new items after limit starts? OMG! So what all changes come after limit actually!? Do price of boxes increase?

The limit just stops you from getting items in general, but new items are far better so you want to sacrifice your old gear for them

btw aswin I didn’t know you were an SM player :smiley:

Hope you’ve forgiven me for the joke galaxy era <3