Need some help here

ok guys i need some help here what modules do i need to make this mech into a good killing mech all my weapons are maxd but i need to know what i can do to get this mech more powerful and also how do u get the legendary sniper electric weapon can yall please help me out here

Rid the epic module and change to another one.

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what module do u rrecommend

One that isn’t epic only?

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I thought you were a legend, you should know how to build a mech! :open_mouth:


i know how to build one i just need to know what the best modules for me to use for my mech legends need help too

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Hi @kiira1. This is one beautiful mech, but it has one main drawback… Too little energy. Right now I have my premium energy beast, with Vailant, Ash and Bunker, and I am reaching nearly 600 energy, and believe me, I get my ass ripped by mechs with 700+ energy… It is simply the meta now to have more than 600… It is a must. Otherwise you are screwed. Also, you need to keep the balance between this 700 energy and decent heat and HP pool… Look the forum for my calculation comparing Naga and Windigo with added heat and energy (respectively) mythical engines. It appears that Windigo is much better energy-wise than Naga is a heat-wise… And the HP pool is practically the same… If I were you, I would get rid of cooling and regen modules, play with weight to fit in additional two engines (perhaps lighter legs?) so that you hit this 700 energy mark…

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its me GODZILLA old friend and thnk u for the advice ill try my best to do that but problem is that i do not have windigo torso nor enough tokens to get the things i need