Need some advice guys

is Windigo hull worth upgrading to myth?

or should i find a different hull to go with?

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Depends if you have a physical, heat, energy or hybrid mech.

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I use a heat mech…

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If you use heat, something like nightmare torso should be good for you. It starts as a common, and goes up to mythical. But wendigo might work…

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if you use a physical mech, then is windigo a good choice for you

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Windigo is a good allrounder torso, ot can be made good in any way, heat, phis, energy.
All torsos are good, you just need the modules to make it excelent, myth modules that is.
You can have the most badass torso in game, if the other guy has myth hp modules and you have epic… he will walk away.
The secret isnt in torsos … it is in modules.

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This is pretty much it. If a torso can go up to myth, then it’s worth using. The modules are going to make more of a difference.

k thx guys

It is a good one plus it replicates the USA Mark I when upgraded.

But as others have said any torso that can be upgraded to Mythical are good only differences will be slight changes in resistances, higher heat or electric and of course total KG
Windigo is at 331KG
Nightmare is 328KG

ALSO Chucky please add a picture of the upgraded torso and stats to the following link, we are building an info page for bot parts.
ADD the LEGENDARY maxed version
and the MYTHICAL maxed version when you get them done.


Bonus tip - try and figure out as best you can what your “endgame” load out’s going to be, so that you can get the weight within the 1000kg limit. Parts will weigh the same even when fully maxed out.