Need opinion on my mech

what can i do to make it better?

1st: What utilities do you use ?
2nd: your build is mostly an electrician…(Faithful Steel+dual Ulltrabright), so ditch the Back breaker…
It doesn’t have energy drain, it don’t benefit the resistance drain bonus from FS and UB, the regen/cooling is somehow worth only to Boilers/Shockers…Its only utilities could be a range one quick execution or hiding some others weapons…
3rd: I see that your modules are not maxed…focus on the Plate, it’s the weakness of GrimReaper…then focus on energy engine…Grim is an energy Torso, and you put a lot too much of energy engine…by epic-maxed and transforming an engine, you could make room for another module without losing too much performances by ditching an energy engine…you could use it for a heat engine or another plate…
Basically, when you a torso with a type, you should focus on the others with the modules… (exemple: Torso is Phys ? focus on heat and energy Torso is Heat ? focus on HP and energy Torso is Energy ? focus on HP and heat…) (unless specific-made build like DMG tanking anti-phys, high energy pool anti-shockers, high heat anti-boilers, energy-free builds, etc…^^)
I’ll give the maxed stats of your build to make you understand what I mean ^^ (in another post)

Drop the hammer.

i´m trying to make a drain and damage energy build, ialso have equiped face shocker, i thing i have to focus on hp

HP= 1024

Torso= 879
Plate= 145

Heat= 371 capacity and 211 cooling

Torso 193/64
Engine 89/42
Engine 89/42
Cooler 0/63

Energy= 613 capacity and 301 regen

Torso 346/112
Engine 89/42
Engine 89/42
Engine 89/42
Regenerater 0/63

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Bu drain you mean energy drain or resistance drain ?

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Actually, considering only the weapons and drone, there are 6 much or less working types of builds…2 for each types…
And except for the “Acid shower” build, YOU SHOULD’T mix weapon types ! (phys builds with only resistance-shredding weapons get killed easily 'cause they get overheated/energy-drained/killed faster than they can tear holes in the opponent due to the low basis damage of the weapons)


  • “Big calibers”: you use the weapons with the hightest DMG/turn ratio
  • “Acid shower”: you mix high resistance draining weapons (to increase the punch of all your weapons) and high DMG/turn ratio weapons


  • “Scorching death”: you use high explosive damage (direct HP damage) to make the opponent lose HP fast and sometimes overheat him (explosive resistance draining weapons come here too)
  • “Egg-boiler”: you use high heat damage (heat-inducing) weapons to make the opponent overheat the quickest possible to make him skips turns


  • “Mad electricians” (no offence to electricians around here, just found that as a “cool name” :smiley_cat:): you use high electric damage (direct HP damage) to make the opponent lose HP fast and sometimes energy break him (electric resistance draining weapons come here too)
  • “Thunder-shockers”: you use high energy damage (energy draining) weapons to make the opponent energy break the quickest possible to make him loses maneuver posibility and takes more HP damage from the extra energy drain
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@L4K3 did I missed something ? :smiley_cat:

I see you made a brief,general characterization of the entirety of build types :slight_smile:
Nope,everything’s clear.
I like how you gave them proper names instead of just calling 'em “Damage…” or “Mass…” :smile:
And btw,the physical “Acid Shower”(damn dude,it sounds great) isn’t really a criteria,as isn’t not another section but a tiny variation of a classical physical with a slightly different strategy (and very little used).

Btw,regarding the build,I think it’s a little too soft.
I means it has a great energy storage,good heat stats but little hp,how about 2 plates,2 heat engines and a little modifications?
I mean it has very good core stats but won’t resist that much…

Or maybe change the torso altogether?
I see it’s still at legend so not a big loss.

You need more hp maybe switch the torso to Zakares and the hammer why do you have a hammer on an energy mech plus you need to drop the side weapons and put on hysterias and valiant snipers if you have them. Make your drone is snake and face shocker preferably face shocker. You need to switch the legs they should be lighting supporters. If you have all that I think you should be good to go.

i already made a “scorching death”, now i´m working on a “mad electricians”

The Dual Ultrabright is not that bad, but ditch the hammer, it’s useless to you ^^
You already have the legs to do the job ^^

the shotgun could work too, but even if it have regen damage instead of resistance drain and lower max damage, mind replace it with a Last Words ^^ (shotgun range 1-2, 2 uses, LW range 2-4 with 2 uses at epic, and 3 at legend and up, but you can cover the range 1 blind spot with the legs ^^) (but I think if you get Bulldog, the premium energy shotgun, it would be better for you to use it since you’re building an electrician ^^)

If you have spare weight after those changes, put a top weapon for longer-ranged fights ^^ (Hysteria since it’s epic-myth, but it’s a shocker’s weapon…if you have a Delerium, use it, but it’s a premium, so it’s hard to get…if you don’t have hysteria or delirium, put on Blue Madness, F2P version of delirium ^^)