Need members in LEGEND ROBOTS clan


if you want to join just send me a request anybody can join that is above level 15.


send me a pic of your mech and iā€™m going to think about that -.-



I want to join I have a clan or you can join mine


okay just send a request to join my clan


can my brother join to


I sent request join please accept it


yes he can join if he wants


you did not accept it yet


you do not show up in my clan for me to accept let me check again


it says waiting for approvell


are you playing right now


when are you going to play


just start talking in the forum and i will invite you that way what is your gaming name


what it the name of the clan


jsut start talking in the game chat and i can invite you there


ok i just said hi my name is brennankawamura


thank you now my bro has to join


have him do what you did
what is his gaming name


brycenkawamura i think