Need help on my mech

I hate the way my mech is. I hate the way the GAMES RNG IS. I HATE HOW I DON’T GET THE ITEMS I NEED.
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pls help… I don’t even get mythical fuel…

You’re pretty good as it is - To really help you out I’d need to see your modules though. And you can drop the mighty cannon, you really don’t need it.

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My modules…
and yes I have zakares. I need 1 more legendary until I get it to mythical.

Upgrade your weapons,ani and nightfall

I really want to get the zakares to mythical too though… agh. This is annoying. Choosing between 2 things… why.

I know the feeling come on english global

Youve got a pretty nice module set up. Cast away the canon. myth up the modules first; then work on Zarkares, Windigo aint bad

Remove the mighty cannon and put an annihilation it is not necessary to have two energy mass boosters remove 1 and use it for another module as from heat engine

Yeah, modules are pretty good - replace cannon with another annihilation, myth zarkares, and you’re pretty set.

Upgrade your Iron Boots and annihilation and nightfall to mythical

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Bro your mech isn’t half bad, you just gotta max out some things and the you are golden.

With his module setup the mighty cannon actually works quite well, I suggest he keeps it. However, @Kn0Tn0YT i suggest you change 1 of the regen mass boosters to another energy engine. And also change that cooling mass booster to an energy engine.

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Got my mythical zakares

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Ok actually since the zarkares is heavier put it on your mech and show me the weight, I will need to revise my thinking

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I actually suggest that you use the zark on a different mech. heres why:
With the zarkares on, you will actually have made yourself more vulnerable to heat and energy.
With the windingo, your module set-up can be 3 iron platings, 1 regen booster, 2 energy engines, 2 heat engines.
With zark, you will have 100 less energy, about the same regen, and 60 less heat.
However, if you want the extra 200 health, then i suggest dropping the mighty cannon.
You choose between higher stats or higher weaponry.

I want that mighty cannon if i have it then i will have a very similar build

erm, I don’t think it would be any more vulnerable…
This is windigo maxed…
26 PM
This is zakares mythical at level 1
17 PM
in the end, it looks like they would have around the same heat and energy at max level. And I am able to fit it on with all of the modules ._.

Heat is almost the same - like a ~10 difference. Wendigo has more energy, Zarkares more hitpoints (and is heavier). There you have it :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, the torsos have the same heat and energy stats(kinda) but the added weight prohibits you from putting on better modules.
Its health, or modules.