Need help on build decisions (Poll)

So. . . I have all resources necessary to make my next myth. . . BUT I’ve been deciding whether to make some changes to my build or not.

Build 1:

Build 2:

Build 3:


Build 4:

This would be my preferred build, though, except with Spartan Carnage:

  • Build 1
  • Build 2
  • Build 3
  • Build 4

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Please state your reasoning below.

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Id say build two, but two mercys and 1 nightfall and night eagle might be better than 1 mercy, so that way you can more easily rek energy mechs

2?! Mercies?! They weigh 84 kg each, and I only have 1.

Thanks for the input, though.

For me, I’m torn between 1 & 2.

Build 1 Pros:

  • More HP

Build 1 Cons:

  • Cannot do weapon combo in range 3 w/o being pulled into the “danger zone” (1-2) or has to take a risk to do NightEagle -> Mercy

  • Average damage output is not too reliable

Build 2 Pros:

  • High average damage

  • More decisions when performing combos

Build 2 Cons:

  • Sizable HP decrease (-145)

Oki 184 cooling… in 1v1… is bad, CL will just have a field day on you, not to mention Grimsome and terrorbladers( at range 1 they will do 300+heat dmg),
It can work against some energy builds( as long as you dont get spawn at range 5), and will hold its own against some phis( 2445 dual anihilation builds will kill you).
Wither build specific to counter 2 types( heat and other phis), or focus on mauling energy and phis( gonna die to heat), but there isnt a way to fight all types.
All in all a decent build setup i find the 1st one.

Heat stats aren’t final. My 2nd heat module is level 40 legend, and my max heat/cooling will be 490/196.

Poll has been closed! Thanks for all the input, I’m going with build #1!