Need Help Building my second mech

ur gunna get hate for repost OOF

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lol i honestly forgot about the build help thread

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Change one of those boosters for an energy engine.
Then replace another booster and a heat engine with some plates.

Replace heat bomb with another dawnblaze or corrupt light

add two corrup lights to the right side, keep the heat bomb, and get a flaming hammer. for top weapons, keep desolation, and get the heat top laser, the one like reckless beam. (you can switch out the bunker shell one with the heat bomb). thats my idea because its almost basically my secondary.

That mech is not going to do very well. There are many weapons overlapping each others’ range that is not necessary. For example, remove the hammer and take out either the savageries, or corrupt lights and add a repulsor. Because of this overlapping and the many weapons present, there is not enough weight for modules.

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