Need help 15 character

I’ve been getting conquered by a lot of players recently. Everytime I rebel, a new conquerer comes in. Now idk what to do.

Help? Maybe suggest a few tactics or something?

Battle Dawn is a game best played with friends! Allies can protect you, help you survive.

Find a group of people to play with (you can ask for someone to take you in on these forums as well :slight_smile: Broadcasting can help to. If you PM the admin nicely, he may try to ask around for you too!) and then I recommend just building units (7 range or damage to 3 or 4 armor) of a single chassis (preferably the same one as your team, if you found one already!) until you have around 10 squads or more.

Then simply ask your conqueror to release you. They wont always comply, but a lot of them aren’t so bad and will do you this favor when asked!

There is also a Discord chat of players willing to teach others and a lot of good guides on these forums.

Good luck and enjoy the game!


Yo add me on skype (Carter ♔) or Discord (Carter#8800) and I’ll try and help you out :slight_smile:

Battledawn is a tough game to get into and keep up actively, but I love it anyway


you can try asking around in the BDA (Battle Dawn Academy). mentors are a pretty helpful bunch and if need be could get you into a good alliance to teach you and give you a chance to progress.
link to the mentorship program Discord channel:

Or you can just contact @Elcent @EnerGY or @Gaurav directly through forum.