Need an advice on what to transform next

So,I only have enough material to make 1 more mythical,and I’ve been wondering for a couple of days which one should it be,but with all this stuff…I found it pretty hard to make a decision.
That’s why I’d like a piece of advice from you,homies.
I thought I would better upgrade a Malice Beam to empower my drainer a little,for it is supposed to be the one that ends the match when my physicals don’t get the job done (you know,like a life-saver boss fight!)
I definitely won’t work on Zarkares just yet,so please tell me if I’d better go with my first physical (the main tank) or my energy type (my last-resort drainer),and which piece of gear.
Btw,my drones are:Void for both physicals and windforge for the drainer.

Thank you!

And while you’re still at it,help me decide which mech sould I finish transforming/maxing out first so I won’t need to make a thread everytime I have the material :laughing::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


hmm @L4K3 I would say for you to focus on one mech… I would suggest you get you night eagle to myth, since its the base of double annihilation. The nightfall could be switched out for the myth Zakares, and then added a mercy, if you have it.

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Well,the Zarkares build is the exact same as Windigo’s,just that I have to give it a little more energy and max its torso.It’s there as a backup for Windigo,to finish up the damaged/drained mechs from the previous one (for the Windigo build usually kills the opponent’s first mech then greatly weakens the 2nd before it falls too;that’s a real tank).
That’s why I thought to upgrade the drainer,for the first 2 tanks are already a good team as they are right now (for my current and constant rank 4).
But,I’ll keep your advice in mind.If anyone else suggests the NF,then NF it is.

Windforge all the way! :wink:

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If i may, this is just a personal opinion.
I found that phis work better as 2nd and 3rd, since the extra dmg of 5 and 10% pack a punch better.
I would switch the setup, with drainer first then the phis.
In thay case i would go for the extra drain on the malice as myth, and use it as my first mech( since drain dmg doesnt increase beeing as 3rd mech).
Plus as a side note, my first mech was just like yours in this SM Reloaded, so i kinda of have a soft spot for them.

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Thanks,I thought I’d upgrade it from the beginning but wasn’t sure at all it that’d be the right move to make.Now I’m sure,and thanks to your explanation I came up with (yet another) tactic.
As always,your feedback’s been very useful and pretty neat lol

Awesome.Then,leave this build in my care for I won’t let you down :slight_smile:

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