Need advice on energy

Ok so i have a somewhat decent heat mech. I was rank 1 in pvp and was doing well. Then i decided to build an energy mech. So i built one and am now rank 10 and falling. What can i improve about it?

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or …

P.S.: I like you :sparkling_heart: special your kind of humor ! :wink:


Energy is a “premium” type of mech, you need legendary-myth items in order to create a good one.

So my advice: Don’t make one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Phys > Heat > Energy

In the order of how easy/free it is to make.


Also, if you have a desolation, two corrupt lights, and those machine gun thingies (needles), you can absolutely wreck energy mechs.

Trust me, it works (I’m tired of quitting on heat mechs with the corrupt light)

You can also not play :wink:

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Energy is a pain to be a top energy pilot you need high heat and high energy medium HP and decent cool down and regeneration. It is very expensive and time consuming to build a cutting edge energy mech. Heat and physical are much cheaper to build. But to answer your question, to me high energy and high heat are more important than HP when it comes to an energy design. Also think in 4 or 5 weapons and at least 1 utility weapon(charge or harpoon) and drone. If you have the 1kg teleport use it too. With energy designs being able to put distance between you and the 0 energy shotguns and annihilations is important. Unless you do a high damage low drain type of energy mech, if you like that kind of mech just do a physical.

If your heat is under 350 you have very little chance vs duel mythic corrupt lights and mid range energy, they are why i raised my heat to over 500 with 170 cool down.