Need advice from you guys

how do i improve my mech?

Take the Backbreaker off and add a Magma Blast or a crimson rapture

dont have any, but i have been grinding for them

From what you have in inventory, max up the Supreme Cannon. Ditch the hammer.

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im trying to get corrupt light or sorrow or reckoning

For now the SC will do great with Desolation and Abomination

I wonder if it’d be possible to run a pusher build now. Reckoning into Abomination into Supreme Cannon into Desolation…

Pretty heavy DPS and Drain. Hmm gives me an idea.

Sounds like a pretty good one to me - good against phys (push) and energy (two energy-free weapons). You won’t overheat the enemy too much with it though… Plus the weight would be prohibitive (all those weapons are 70+, reckoning 89!!).

Maybe drop the Reckoning for a Magma Blast? That would help overheat quicker and save like ~40 weight.


Yea, weight is my main issue with it. But heat won’t matter too much since it’d be a Pusher DPS build.

EDIT: lemme do some quick calculations and see.

Just edited my post - drop reckoning for magma might make it workable. I think?

Although it’d be nice to keep Reckoning… it’s so good…

I think the player needs advice based on current inventory.

Push builds are nice. Great flow if you can get the cascade started.

Apologies, I got carried away and voiced an idea.

@magicmech20 the mech is doable. Would be built as such.

  1. Zark, Dev Paws.

  2. Desolation, Supreme Cannon, Reckoning and Abomination.

  3. Clash, tele, hook.

  4. two cooling boosters, heat engine, two energy engines and a plat plate.

Stats would be

HP 1845
Energy/Regen - 371/148
Heat/Cooling - 401/280
Total Weight would be 999

All in all, it may be viable. But it’s HP is pretty lacking. Still a pretty strong build if utilized as a second mech for 2v2.

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1 weight for the heat boots feet. More HP. Just slightly.

I actually don’t think reconning is needed here. It’s way too heavy. 2 more iron plates would get it viable.

my problem is getting the L-M itens

Ah true true, more hp is good. 24 extra hp would bring the total to 1869.

You do lose out on stomp dmg but you should befine with reckoning’s.

@Joao_Brilhante that is sadly true, but this is purely a theoretical build. You’d also need to learn to play this effectively and create good strats with it.

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This is the better push build imo

People say that back breaker should be taken off a build so no back breaker even though I use it also what side weapons do you have

This is because BackBreaker really doesn’t have any place on a mech, my BackBreaker is myth food lol