Need advice for my mech


If you have any advice please tell me and yes I am trying to get a NightFall


its so hard to get i cant get it use armor destroyer and maybe use a physical torso like windigo like me


Personaly I like zarkares better because of the better health


ok but why are you so heavy


mostly because of my hp plates and torso/legs


i use hp plates too what are your other mechs and can i have help building a heat mech
this is what it looks like so far


I have not built my other mechs yet i am focusing on my main first and yes I can help building your heat mech


ok so i dont have other heat weapons at the moment


Make your torso something that goes up to myth and take off the annihilation and malice beam and put in more heat weapons
(when you get them)


It’s…Actually a decent one.

You have a fair amount of energy/regen and and also good heat/cooling.
Tho I would replace a NE with a NF - like this you’ll also have a little range advantage.
Other than that…Yeah,it looks pretty good.I can’t say much about it.

But,you know,you can always go for the Fortress build - 2 Anni+Void+1NE and you’ll have extra hp (you could give up on energy for more hp,up to 2200).
You can also keep this current build as it was only an idea,as your build is actually good for a physical…


is that better


I am not wanting to know what to myth next this is a advice about modules and other items like what to add and take off


Please keep this on-topic,which is Legendary_Mech’s build.
If you wish to ask for help about your build,you can do it on another thread.
Let’s try to be organized.


sorry i will i have a bad habit


that is a little better and just remember to change out heat weapons for the pys weapon and electric weapon(when you get them)


Your mech’s looking pretty decent. You’re already waiting for a nightfall, I don’t see anything else to do but myth stuff atm - I’d go for either an annihilation or the void there.

And you might as well put on a teleport since you have the weight :stuck_out_tongue:


Get rid of one of those top weapons for another HP module and maybe replace this Energy booster with an energy engine and well done, i think you can keep between rank 5 - 3 with it maxed.


You should upgrade your weapons to mythical and get more energy/heat and cooling/regen


Thank you all this has helped a lot


OP energy top build :sunglasses: