Need advice for beating the Danger Zone

I need tips on things to use to beat the Danger Zone Boss.

Hello @Keegan_Daley

Best thing would be to try and complete the daily challenges each day for a while to try and strengthen your Mech.

Are you using weapons that all produce the same sort of damage? If you want more help you could post an image of your mech here and tell us what weapons you use with it. Then people can comment on what might be stopping your mech from beating this boss.

how do I take a picture of my mech and send it.

Screen shot, snipping tools, there are many options

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Use this one:
The best tool (free), that allows you to customize the area of your screenshot. I use it and 100% recommend.

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danger zone… danger zone… which boss is that again? Is it BigBoy?

In any case, a high amount of HP is required… at least 1,000. Defeat the minions and enter the boss fight with a full HP.

If your mech is not very strong and takes damage from the minions, I hope you managed to get at least 3-4 repair kits.

Using a heater mech is suggested because BB has very low cooling. Though I use an energy mech and overpower it by draining the energy…

Yes, post a pic of your mech. You can get better recommendations that way.

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Make sure you upgrade only stuff that can go up to myth status, see below the item name in workshop for coloured dots, the one which has orange dot can go up to myth eg : check Night eagle top weapon , sith torso, Annihlator side weapon.

I see some good items on your mech, the Annihlator and night eagle can be good together, try to get them to max epic or legend, also try to get a good legend phy torso

What torso is this?


The Kraken.

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I know this doesn’t help but I can kill this guy in 2 Turns :sweat_smile:

I think his torso is legacy that’s the last time I had one of those.

Danger Zone is Senior Quads, right?
Just use heat…

Here’s Bigboy on normal that’s his best weapon
On hard or insane its like OP af

But hes easy on normal

very simple use heat or a strong physical. all bossee have very low cooling :wink:

Which torso u suggest for physical build ? @ImmortalHunter

i use brutality ( i’m using a energy physical mech) but i prefer you to use grim reaper or windigo
(and the japanese one ) forgot name lol

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my torso isn’t legacy, it’s a legendary Kraken torso. The stats are: 808 hit points, 140 energy, 44 regeneration, 209 heat, 72 cooling, 14 physical resistance, 10 explosion resistance, 14 electrical resistance.

The torso is a maxed out legendary Item, it can’t go any higher.

Looks like quite a nice mech!

Do you have any weapons at mythical?

no, in fact I don’t have anything at mythical.