Need Advice building Heat Mech


can you give some advice about building this heat mech with my current inventory please??


It’s already fine. The heat capacity and cooling is actually very good but if you have a chance then I would recommend you using at least one Regeneration and Cooling Module 5 for extra energy regeneration just in case you’re gonna fight against an electric build. It would not be able to regenerate enough energy but it would be able to lower the enemy’s overall damage considering you also use an Electron Defence with +30 energy regeneration and +8 electric resistance and Resistance Module +11. If you have spare weight left, you can at least use a 10% or 15% energy shield (only use it against physical and heat builds)


how about this??


and this?


It looks good, generally it depends if you know how to use it.

By the way, what shield is it?


15% Energy Shield :))

I don’t know why i always lose to a arena battle…:(( most of the player use the God Mode, which i don’t have :((


What torsos do you have?


that’s the best thing i have :(( No god mode :((


You could use your Lavascope and sacrifice your Engine Booster with 1 or 2 armor platings for extra hp :slight_smile:


But the opponent can drain me hard if i lose some of my cooling…HP is not the best idea i can chose…i wish i had a God Mode :frowning:


Don’t be scared to double cool :slight_smile:


and then my opponent bring out everything they’ve got to terminated me :frowning: and made me to double cool…again :frowning:


That’ts better than being overheated


if i removed 1 engine booster, it will only have 104 cool :frowning: take 2 lava spray and i’m dead :frowning:


@ED-209 I made some screenshots of a mechs you could build.

Let me sent them to you later.


Hellfire with 11,16,11 resistance is also pretty good.


Too heavy man, over 400 weight :frowning:


LOL weakness lol… .