Necromancing... what it is, why it's annoying, and how to prevent it

Recently there have been lots of necro posting in the forums which irk me. If you don’t know what it means, here’s the definition:
picture and f12 courtesy of @jhjln87

Necroing is annoying because when you post in a topic, it gets bumped to the top of your feed, mixing the new fresh topics with dead and irrelevant ones.

People that do necro will most likely be told off by others, (just like how people are gonna tell me off that this post is irrelevant, and people know already) mostly by the annoying yours truly.
After being told off necromancers will usually think these 2 things:
Why did I post this? Why didn’t I read the time stamps ? Why Do I Even Exist?:thinking:

There are exceptions though, here are some of them:

  • If the thread is still relevant even though nobody posted in it in a while
  • If the person simply made a mistake/doesn’t know what necromancing is.
  • It’s a very important thread such as General Thread - Build Help or SM Sandbox

Some ways to prevent yourself from necroing are to look in the top right of the last post made on the topic to see how long ago it was, if you see an apostrophe before the date, it means the topic is a year old or more. Usually if you post in a topic that’s around a week old it’s considered necroing, unless it falls in the exceptions above.

Another tell-tale sign that the post is old is if there are people in it that have been banned or quit the game, of course this requires some insight…

Anyways, I think that’s about it, now if you will excuse me I have a date with a lovely cheeseburger.

Ty @jhjln87 for proofreads :+1:


I usually let it slide if they necro their own topic or if it is less than a month old.

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Samuel L. Jackson does not allow mother fuckas to necro post.

– Trans Communication


Date didn’t go very well I’m sad to say… my heart ended up in the trash and the girl ended up in my stomach… time to go back hunting :wink:

My mom makes some great cheeseburgers, damn

P.S. the heart went straight back into the chest after tasting that whopper

I will necropost on this topic



You can’t necropost it if it never dies :stuck_out_tongue:

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That one’s my fault, oops

dang autocorrect

np… people will understand anyways


Also I just noticed this but thanks @rc1 for moving this to #supermechs:general-discussions I thought it should go to off topic since it wasn’t related to #supermechs


No problem, this is a forum topic. It seems appropriate it’s in general discussion for all to see. It’s definitely not spam.


I agree to all this.

Although there is one more exception:
When the given thread is a General thread.Like -Build Help- or stuff like that.Even if it’s been months since one posted,that thing is always relevant.


Sometimes there will be revives of month-old popular topics, which I think is ok, and those who necropost are almost always new forum users, or sometimes members tier users who got promoted quickly.

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Another thing: Discourse usually warns when you’re about to necropost:


This should be in #off-topic because it doesn’t have anything to do with SM but rather the forums.

it is embarrassing… but… yeah I found it funny… :v

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Can’t prevent necropost

However, it can be punished

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It was originally but @rc1 moved it to #supermechs:general-discussions

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Tf why

There you go mate