Necroclan (legacy) popping out in ranking


Are these guys hackers or what coz they all r skull ranked
Under level or level 30 and have legacy mechs and they r top 2!!

Another clan cheater or a bug?

Yeah I saw that too. Dedpool 1-6


They probably never logged on again , its why they keep their ranks


Ik but bro we worked so hard to bring Rakuen to top 3 and these fools came from no where


All of them are old SM players who don’t login or play to ensure that they don’t loose their ranks.
It sucks…


Aren’t they affected by the weekly deranking ?




Awww…That’s dumb…

Thanks for reply anyway ^^


Shiro Reforged…
This is what happened befor Reloaded…
Who remembers the NooBClaN that won medal?
What was their name? Greatest clsn ever… 0 victories and won silver or bronze medal.



And this new one is because they - leader - logged in without playing at all :exclamation:

So the average Arena points is 110 from every member :exclamation:

A Gold Skull hold (:exclamation:) their Arena points from around 120, if they do not play :exclamation:


Another clan cheater or a bug?

I think u forgot somethin’
There were 3 noob clans each with 0 wins


Yes… the great world record clan botclan…

Top 3 with ZERO (!!) losses.

Not a single other clan can claim that! :slight_smile:


If all player are rank 1 full star before reloaded and then quit sm forever…


Oh no it’s gonna beat botclan