Necro Post Haters

Who here hates me because necroposted twice and I was on topic while mechslayer told me to stop necroposting and he wasn’t on topic.

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I never noticed you necroposting

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But Mech slayer the necro police sure did

I can care less… Most post don’t catch my attention.

I dont hate you because you necro posted twice. I hate you because you continue to taunt me and you have even necroed to provoke me. You have additionally acted childish, told me to shut the f up, wrongly accused me of being toxic, and even then you could have used your brain and made a new topic or read #supermechs:Bugs-Issues, and continued to necro irrelevantly.
You are also acting like im the only person who does it, even though many others do it too


This should not be in Supermechs General Discussion…

should be in Off Topic

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You told me I was toxic even before i was toxic. You keep telling everybody and anybody to necro. You told me i was a dumb ass before i told you to shut up. If dwightx necroposts would you also tell him off.

Can you move it to off topic i dont know how to

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That never happened

I never called you toxic

Because you cant get it through your thick pride to stop irrelevantly necro posting

If it was irrelevant, yes i would, do you really think just because i like him more than you i would treat what he does differently?

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But i admit it was wrong to call you a dumbass, in the moment, i was angry at you for acting immature and like im a horrible person


Actually it does because he is way more experienced than you. You called me toxic. Every thread I see that is old I see one of your posts in there telling somebody to stop necro posting

I never called you toxic. The only offensive thing i said to you was you were a dumb***

Coincidentally, almost all of those posts telling people to stop necroing were directed at you.
Thats also a serious exaggeration. Its like 4-5 posts

actually it was 3 and one of them was mine thread

Well thank you for correcting me, but thats definitely not “every old post”

Thank you rice mech: :smile:

I don’t hate you, think you’re cool, or think you’re ok. I think you’re obnoxious and rude from your childish arguments about necroposting but mainly when you got kicked from Mech Corp and your bitching about that.


why did I get kicked from mech corp? Was it because of my wins?

Lol, I don’t remember. I just remember LowKey making an entire new DM because of your posts in the old one.


Oh yeah i remember that. that was the time my account got hacked. weedman and I said the n word and I was the only one who got called off for that. Weedman said he could say it because he was a “hard carrier”