Near death experiences


i would like to know/share that i had few near death experiences that happened recently
1 so i had a whole box full of fireworks and fire crackers. so my brother accidentally threw one of those little spinning fireworks and almost blew that thing up. and i was sit right next to it
2 i was eating dinner and was eating some pretty big grapes, then i guess i did not chew enough on one and started choking on it for about 10 seconds. and a lot of stuff was going through my mind when it was happening.
so those are my most recent near death experiences
did you guys have any near death experiences last year?


I’ve got one for Trophy:

In the Forum of Sm and BD, there was a fun game in the off topic section, the last person to post in the topic won, it was all fun and games until Little Brennan decided to “use his magic” and knock Trophy off the shelf, lucky for him Brennan’s magic was terrible and Trophy was still safe on the shelf…


ahh those memories
wait what i’m not little


I once jumped and landed back on my feet safely. It was scary.


oh oh I have 1 story from long time ago :b
Ok :b
So before when I ride a bike back from a book shop I accident drop my shoes to the road then I fall :b


thats terribly scary


When I was 7 years old I went to the pool. I was with some other girl I didn’t know, so I tried to impress her and go into the deep end.
I nearly drowned, but luckily, an old man who was relaxing came in to help me.

More recently, I went to the Delaware ocean I think. I got caught in 4 waves in a row. They pulled me out into the sea, then started crashing down again. I nearly hit my head on a rock, got a lot of sand in areas I don’t want to talk about and above all, nearly drowned again.

I don’t know if there is something with water or something but I get the feeling that the sea hates me.

But wow, I guess with all these waves of puns I have, it’s only natural.


9-10 feet is to much for me plus i’m till scared but 7-8 i do that never 9-10
and one thing never turn your back to the OCEAN i mean never cause yah i will share my story on that when i finish with school


I had an asthma attack once.


thats really scary one time my brother had one