Narrowest victories in the item portal - The Claw


What are your narrowest victories in this portal?

Mine was this:

I was forced to fight the boss starting with 435 HP because I had gotten only 1 repair kit and instead 3 heat kits…
Heat kits for an energy mech in a portal without any opponent with any heat weapon…


why is his health so high so damage matters not health


Even for energy mechs it pretty much is only possible with something like dual Valiant + Windforge/Faceshocker.
Just look the minion mechs’ and the boss’s energy cap and regen.

To be able to win this portal on insanity with just 1 repair kit (which is the average when I play this portal) I have to start the battles against the minion mechs at distance 5, then deploy my drone and in the second round use dual val to drain the mech empty.
Otherwise those minion mechs blast too many holes into my mech.
Even with this strategy I still receive around 1000 damage when I am lucky with RNG from the minion mech’s attacks.

On Insane Mode pretty much my damage taken in ideal battles where I receive really low damage amounts to:
vs. a tank: 500 damage
vs. minion mech: 1000 damage
vs. boss: 400 damage

That totals out to 3400 damage if everything works perfectly to my advantage.
But if I am just a little unlucky that easily increases by 100-150 damage per opponent.
=> 500 - 750 more damage in total.

So with 2656 HP as max (includes 20% from premium) that means I have to be quite “lucky” to get one run through successfully with that average drop of only 1 repair kit per run.

Btw. “lucky” means I keep reloading the website every time I take too much damage from one opponent or start at an unfavourable distance to the opponent.
So basically I need about 15 minutes - 30 minutes for one single run.

That isn’t “playing” anymore but more like self-torture since a game is supposed to be done for fun while trying to pass that portal is a kind of labor and no fun.
And best of all… I got only 1 of 3 times a box from the portal and at best some epics from those boxes while half the time only getting rares…


Health also matters. If you have a bunch of mythical weapons but horrible hp then you won’t win against anyone.


Its a crap
because if transformed to mythical
it weight will rising to 169
but the legendary(102) the dmg sucks
and it can’t come
so it a crap
just looks crazy

The boss have such high HP because the insane mode upgrade the boss
check the legendary flaming scope, it can deal 1112 dmg


won with 4 hp when i got 1 repair kit


no repair kits just lucky start at range 7
then boss teleported to range 8
then two snipper…


Beat this guy with 8 hp myself… I dare anyone to try it with less than that :smile:


Heck, I had to move all my Iron plates to my energy mech to complete it with the help of 2 refills each on Insane mode. It’s extremely hard so I say use heat mechs


Man, heat mechs are just as hard - all the enemies actually have good cooling in addition to heat cap…


Oddly enough, i got further with my 3100+ hp physical than i did with my heater (at 2500 cuz fuck heat weapons weights).


Oh here is one of my victory’s


None. Im just pathetic


that you do not believe or you, if you started with that amount of life the boss would only need 1 attack to kill you … absurd publication.