NaNoWriMo has Arrived!

I wanted to put up a post for any of you aspiring writers out there (or even those who simply like to read or write for the fun of it!). I recently got word of an event from our very own member Lawmpy and wanted to share it with all of you, should you wish to take advantage of it. If you need anymore information, I’d be happy to put you in contact with Lawmpy herself or you may feel free to add her on Skype (skype: lawmpy) to learn more and join the BD & SM NaNoWriMo group!

The event is the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo for short).

You can write fiction, nonfiction, fanfiction, screenplay, game script, anything! Essentially the event is to promote and assist aspiring writers to create their very own work of 50,000 words within a month! Only 1,667 words a day! NaNoWriMo also functions as a charity under the Office of Letters and Light which promotes literacy across the world!

Everyone has that one story that they have carried around with them. NaNoWriMo is the perfect tool to break down any barriers into starting that first draft.


1667 words a day for a novel just for fun? Try 1667 characters a day for programming and see yourself become a pro in a month (rofl)


programming is very different from literature lol


You might want to rename that


I see Lamp hacked Germy as well. Neat


that’s why I said 1667 characters and not words, in the same amount of time :smiley:

I mean writing is largely a creative outlet that isn’t hindered by anything but your imagination

programming is repitive and restricted by knowledge base of the API and prior experience and also ususally isn’t creative

another nanowrimo post! Nice.

Yes, writing 50,000 words of gibberish is easy. Writing a compelling story with 50,000 words or more in a month is tough.

Also programming is a whole different language. Lol.

that’s what im saying XD

50000 words of anything is hard in a month

Dont get me started on how wrong u are.
Programming for people who are really into it, is like smoking weed.It helps them escape reality, to use their creativity to create worlds and functions that they chose fit. They become master of their own world and control everything.
So calling programming repitative is wrong unless you u are stuck in some dead end company which makes u do task over and over again

I do program, and programming frequently repeats commands.

Also programming is not creative in its purest form annonymu…

How did a writing thread end up a talk about programming?

Well, if it’s about finding out a solution to some kind of output, programming can be creative??

But, yeah, programming is more logic than creative.

But seriously, apples and oranges! It is hard to compare the two. They are two complete stuff. :slight_smile:

A writer’s worst fear is the infamous “writer’s block.” It is where you absolutely got nothing to write. You know you have to write, but nothing is coming out. You reached a part of your story and you are completely stuck.

This is one of the problems of writing a complete “novel” in a month.

Have you ever reached a part of your story and end up not knowing the direction to take it?

That happened to me last year. I got a somewhat sensible story… middle of the road, it stopped making sense. I seemed to have hit a wall and could not fix it without completely overhauling the entire story. Well, the month was ending in a few days, so yeah, failed that year.

It’s a great way to motivate yourself to write.

Forget short stories, that is easy. :slight_smile:

Thats called writer’s block, buddy. There are ways to get past it, and there are resources on their website yo help with that. Or you could just talk to your ML or ask in the NaNo group chat and they could help you

ye he knows what it’s called read the post :stuck_out_tongue:

Half-way through the month… and I’m only around 8,500 words! :scream:

I’m not giving up… but still… the future of completing it this year seems a bit blurry.

How are your write-ups doing? Better than my stats, I hope?

@Germanicus is doing the best from everyone i know. Im currently around 8k myself. Kinda disappointed in myself

So far, I have learned that from the very start we should be typing at least 1,600 words per day…

But man… that is not easy.

It’s telling me I got to write 2,700 per day now to catch up. heh.

Well, we’re half-way through. At least get a completed story, eh?