Name changing glitch or...?

Okay so once upon a time in a game named SM there was a man named “Ex3” One day, That man logged in to see his name was changed from “Ex3” To “Maroon Legend” and was surprised as his tokens wasn’t spent, Though the costing was still the same “200 Tokens for a name change… huh” He spoke, He then shrugged and says “A F#ck it, It’s just a name”, Though deep inside he was angry, Seeing the name Ex3 Was a good name and it was changed by a random glitch, The end

Cause Why not a Story like bug report?

@Sarah247 may wanna report this to the ‘team’.

Also I had no idea you were Maroon @0ld_Supermechs_User

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Lol, I was Ex3 but now Apparently I am