Name change system

There are so many players with unoriginal names, I feel that you should give them a free name change and when they put in something like “Dewah77”, the result will be (Name taken). If they don’t change their name, they will be called guest. This is how the system works, whoever typed in the name first is the original. When you try to capitalize letters in the name, like DeWaH77, it doesn’t work either because the letters(lowercase and uppercase) and number are taken by the original user. This way we can stop impersonators and we could recognize someone way easier…


There’s been talk of adding user ID #'s to help. That way you can identify people easier. Like Dewah77 #1245 or something. Many games use this system so as not to limit players naming ability but still allowing identification

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It’s in the beta right? I saw players with ID numbers in ranking but I didn’t know what it’s for.

Yay I can go back to yt without multiple FANG456’S!

If I ever become “Mordulec#53438393”, I officially quit this game. There may be only one, original Mordulec. Period. End of argument.

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I agree with mordulec lol likewise there can only be one -cherry-
But i do strongly agree we need a system in which currently used names cant be taken again.
Afcourse that way nobody can steal our name :slight_smile:

But what if the original user of the nickname changed his? Would the title of originality count now to the 2nd one who copied his name?

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20 character limit.

Think overwatch or discord. In your actual UI game name, it’ll simply be your name. But for identification purposes, you’ll be assigned a # ID

Agreed with mord my nam will only be GODZILLA cause theres only one real GODZILLA and thats me

the only way to check if you met the real Madao San or another overhyped player would be asking a mod or someone to tell you his ID
the thing is you wouldn’t know if it’s the real Madao San or another fake one since you don’t know the real Madao San’s ID
until you know him well, then you’re lucky

That’s just the thing though… right now, you AREN’T unique… I could literally make a new account in SM right now and name it Mordulec. Heck… I could make 20. And then I could try doing something considered bannable and take screenshots and send it to the SM team saying they should ban you (see the issue now?)