Naga vs. GrimReaper


Which one is better for an electric mech?



Look this, is beautiful.

  • Grim Reaper
  • Naga

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Depends. Naga has more health, Grim has better energy. If you wanna use plat plates, Grim is probably better. Naga is for those without that rare commodity… and the people who wanna look seriously cool :wink:


Grim for anti-energy build, sicne it has lots of energy…

But you’ll need some Platinium Plates to compensate the low HP…

Naga is more “all-rounder” I would say…


But notice tat Grim is also the lightest torso in the game, I’m using it for rounded build 3 EE 2 HE 1 Cooling Mass Booster 2 Iron Plates and with Rolling Beasts its awesome torso for energy mech both anti energy and rounded or even anti phys


I’ll take Naga simply for his cool look. It’s the best


Naga doesn’t go with many legs though… It looks stupid with Dynamic stompers… Same with Lightning Sups…
Where as Grim goes with both…


If you want an anti-energy, use grim. If you want an all rounder, use naga. If you want to be anti heat/phys, use Zarkares/Windigo/Brutality.


Naga goes best with claw or rolling beasts, I think. Also the comment above is good.


Can you say that again? i didn’t read good…


Both of them prety useful, reaper for pure energy or for 5+ gun builds, naga more rounded and have better stats( but not energy)


Thanks everyone for your replies, I’ll be going with Grim reaper!


The Grim Reapper wins.


Did I say Recoil Stompers?


This was epic.


battle me now, ok. I changed my mech build.


MY BAD, i mistake those legs, and yeah, with that naga really looks like a chicken XD