N o s t a l g i a!

Sometimes, you do something when you were little, and years later, looking back at it, you wished you could experience it again, or just have it back.

Post your happy or sad memories here.

I have one: I used to have friends and now I don’t


I have this reoccurring dream where I’m in a blue room with a fridge. I open the fridge and I get out this massive 40x20 cm ice cube and it stings me. Then I wake up.

It’s always so nostalgic whenever I get it

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I had a recurring dream that happened two years apart, and I remember both, they both had different endings though.
Dreams are cool.

I was suck a ridding a bike at the JUMPs. So one day I tried to take on a jump, yet I ate S***. Cut my skin open. I wish that never happened.

what are happy memories


I watched this ancient YouTube series called BFDI when I was 9, and they stopped working on it for 3-ish years, but when they started working on it again I cried just listening to the intro. It was just like the old one but so much better and nostalgic.

Did anyone else watch it?

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never heard of it. i only watched eddsworld and panchitomatrix’s vids when i was 9

When I was 5 years old I was staring out the window, sitting on a white and gray striped chair that no longer exists anymore.

I was fall-ish, and I was bored.

So randomly, I thought, " Maybe, one day when I am much bigger, I will remember this moment"

I still remember that moment…idk why but it is cool to me

I always have these weird dream sequences.

One day I have a dream about commanding towers in a bloon tower defense type game but I was actually in it, then weeks later I wake up late at like 12:00 in the afternoon and I had a dream about the same thing but I was getting done commanding and I got into a different rpg-style game with other people but I was actually in it and I’m guessing it was the same universe as the other dream because I was exiting out of the other game and it was the same style. Anyways, a few months later I had a dream where I was in the exact same tower defense game, but everything was dark and torn down. I tried to go somewhere but then something chased me and I woke up in the middle of the night.

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Having someone I can always rely onto. But now, that person haunts me in my dreams… and tearing me apart from inside.

when roblox was still like this

and now its like this

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and this image


Man i loved the legacy supermechs

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I was extremely popular at school from years 3-6. Now I lost it.

school… :v
1-5 first grade.

remember this? image

yeh that was the good old days


When Super Mechs weren’t Pooper Mechs.