Mythicals a day

a free mythical a day


Should players get a mythical every day?

  • Yes
  • No

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that would be too easy and there would be no effort in that therefore making everyone op and no tactics and effort ivolved


I like this idea, could use some refining, but a myth every day won’t make everyone a top player.
Fusion level does that :slight_smile:

vote “yes” if you want 9000 players who all spam god mode w dual devastation swarm and lot of other powerful heat myphicals

system where myphicals are more valuable (like now) might be unwanted by some new players who don’t have they build completed yet, but it gives them enough time to get experience in mech building and to like creative part of the game, and not just “dominate cuz I got better myphicals + some luck”


maybe not daily… one per week sound better… in place of one every 21 days, one every 7 days (continued login to claim) like other games does…

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I like that idea. Even if DEV set it to every 14 days so it would be 2 Mythical per month.


How about an ULTRA Mythical BOX every 28 days = 3 Mythical per month.


Dude, then the developers and creators would lose money. No one would buy boxes or tokens, since mythicals would be so easy to get. So, I vote no.

I’ll be honest, I would appreciate an occasional mythical, but everyday? That would make the game too boring and a bit less fun to play, since it is a lot of grinding and leveling up.

not a good idea. Maybe a free mythical every holiday.

I agree. Every holiday seems good :slight_smile:

Free myths would be next to useless unless you can select them. They might as well give you a mythical power kit.

It’s just a bad idea. It’d be way too easy to advance if it were implemented.

do you really think this kind of unpragmatic extremisim is in any way productive?

and you wonder why Tacticsoft often has a hard time taking the community seriously.


When will humans stop exaggerating and try not to take everything for granted…?
Mythical a day?Hell no.Y’all know why already so no need for an explanation here.
Legendary a day?No.
Legendary a week?Maybe
If you want a mythical,work for it.It’s not like you’re gonna get something that people put their hearts into for free…This is what we all do,anyways.We spend quite a bit of time from our lives in front of our screens to farm/grind/upgrade/transform in hopes to make that top-winner build.
I bet everyone that ticked ‘‘Yes’’ on that poll is either new or clicked it just to do smth at all…
Myth a day,huh?This ain’t an idea…It’s just a bittersweet dream that will not come true anytime soon.

Sorry,didn’t mean to be a hater.It’s just that I’ve had such a long day today and couldn’t express myself in another manner.

If this does happen, then please make all of it heavier like the last version.

i miss Namy posts :confused: