Mythical Windigo or Naga?


I only approximated it,for it doesn’t seem like that much of a difference.Sure,windigo would be a little better,but not too considerable.
That’s why I said ‘‘pretty much equals’’…
Tho it was awesome to see someone actually making the maths for it :laughing:
Respect for that.


That is just beautiful, I can agree to that. I wonder how long it took to write that xD


Doesn’t matter how long it took :wink:
What matters is that it was of some use after all.
Thank you!


xD this is exactly what i say thx x writing it detailed
i still perffer Naga looks better than the “optimus Prime with steroids”


Naga is only good for energy. Windingo can be used for any build. It is more versatile than naga. I have botth maxed and use windingo for energy. I am going to fuse naga into another wi dingo to use for a heat or physical build. I would use the windingo as it gives you many more options laTer on.


i have limited knowledge about these,but i think windigo is good for anything(mostly phys) but naga is either energy or energy counter

Why i DESPISE energy and how to kill them

Dude,would you take a look at this?
Plus,your comment is irrelevant,because this topic has already passed away (and all questions have been answered).
Please,for God’s sake,try to read a little bit more before replying,not to say look at the post’s date.


im always late ma boi


I have come to post a reply to this topic for attention, If you gave me some attentio. Then thank you

If you didn’t give me any attention I will swibble swabble your fly swatter

Btw Naga is better because a truck for a mech torso makes no sense lol jk luv u