Mythical Windigo or Naga?


What would be better? I just got Mythical Windigo a few days ago. I was so happy so get my first mythical, then I get the torso I really wanted, Naga. So what i was wondering, is what is better. Windigo or Naga?

  • Windigo
  • Naga

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Siempre he pensado en el Naga pero nunca lo he probado, la falta de recursos XD!


Depends on the build.Say what you wanna use that torso for and I’ll provide you with the best advice I can give :slight_smile:


Well, I don’t have the mythical Naga yet. It is still epic, but I would like to know what would be good for it.


But…What do you wanna use it for?
For what kind of build with what kind of weapons?
I can’t help with anything if you ask that out of the blue giving no details…


Oh sorry. I kind of want to do an energy build, since my mech is mostly an energy mech.


For weapons, I have 2 lasers. One is called Hysteria I think. The other is Corrupt Light (Or is that for the heat laser? Its a blue laser.) Another one would be the star wars laser cannon looking thing? My legs are lightning something. My drone is Faceshocker, and I also have Backbreaker. The one above the hammer is a long, 4 laser cannoned energy reducer (Not the top weapon. I don’t have a second top weapon.) I have all modules as 1 epic all resistance thing, 4 energy modules, epic, and 3 heat modules, epics. My torso is Windigo Mythical as of right now, but every other weapon is a legendary.


Can you show a picture please ? it would be easyier if you show us a screenshot ^^


Lmao xD


So,from what I understood,you have a Hysteria,a Malice Beam,an UltraBright,a Face Shocker,a Back Breaker and a pair of Lightning Supporters.Okay.Let’s now see which torso would work best for you!

NAGA ------------ (335), 982 HP, 279/104 Energy, 193/72 Heat, Resists - 22P/22Ex/16El
WINDIGO -------- (345), 982 HP, 217/72 Energy, 301/112 Heat, Resists-22P/16Ex/22El
These are the stats for the two torsos,thanks to @Andernut’s thread.
As you can see,they have the same HP and a 10 kg weight difference.No problem here.
Naga has decent heat and cooling for an energy torso but you’ll need to add some more.I think 2 heat engines will be enough (when maxed,the mech would have around 400 heat with ±170 cooling) but you could go for an extra one for better cooling especially (~210).
Now,compared to Sith,it has a bigger energy reserve and 8 less regen.,but not as much as Grim Reaper (however Grim lacks HP to balance the huge energy cap it provides).It’s somewhere in the middle of those two,and somehow the most balanced energy torso.I think you should go for 3 energy engines or more (for ±250 regen and 500 energy cap)
Lightning supporters do 67 energy damage and have 417 hp,making them pretty much the best pair of energy legs.That said,you won’t have health issues.3 max epic plates should be good,as when your mech reaches max fusion level it would have 1.830 hp (1975 if you give up on another module for a 4th epic plating and round the mech’s weight correctly).Even better if you get a platinum plating,for you’ll save space and weight for other modules.But of course,it works even with less hp (Rising’s energy mechs have 1.600ish hp and they work just fine).
Pretty much the same story.
If you wanna convert it to an energy build,2 heat engines should be enough as for heat.
As for energy,3 energy engines are essential (for ±500 energy cap and 210+ regen) but you can go for more (or more heat,if you think that’s enough energy;would have a huge heat cap making it last a while before getting overheated so I’d go for an extra energy engine).
Same with plates.1830 hp with the Lightning Supporters and 3 epic plates,or almost 2000 with 4 of them (go for 3 plates as you’ll save weight and space for modules)
So there isn’t such a big difference…It’s just another module in plus or in minus.
There are 2 types of energy builds,mostly:
THE MASS DRAINERS that use weaponry that does more energy damage and less electrical.They specialise in draining their opponent as fast as possible.They deal less instant damage though.Their weapons reduce energy cap.
THE DAMAGE ELECTRICIANS that use weapons with less energy damage and more electrical.They sure do drain their opponents,but instead of rapidly draining them,electricians do more instant damage than their brothers.Their weapons reduce resistance.
Both types work just fine.However…
Hysteria and MB are for mass drainers while UB with Face Shocker are for electricians.So you’d have a hybrid.I’d say to use the face shocker in combo with the ultrabright and try to get some push weapons.Last Words is a must-have on a non-premium energy build so make sure to keep and upgrade it if you ever get one.It’s super useful for it drains regeneration and is also an electrician’s weapon (for the instant damage it provides).And,if you wanna go for a 3rd side weapon,get another Last Words (yeah,dual wield them…As I said,they are super useful).As for a top weapon,I’d say keep the hysteria,for it provides you with a long range and draining (in case you ever need more draining than UB in battle or a cap drain).
Works on both torsos of course xD
I hope this has been of use to you

Sure,then get Naga.There’s no significant modification that has to be done in order to use either of these 2 torsos on an energy build.It’s more about the looks,honestly,for a single module can made the difference.

Which torso is best for energy?

Short Version :




naga x style
windigo x stats

i preffer naga


Right :laughing::rofl:
Well,just wanted to explain they ain’t that different…1 module and they’re the same pretty much…
But of course,I just had to get into detail…and detail… :slight_smile:
I just realised how much I actually wrote and that it took me almost half an hour :sneezing_face:
But hey…You want you explanation mot-a-mot?
Here,everyone,you have it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thanks. I was really debating, but if they really don’t make a difference, I guess if I choose one, I could take the mythical I cast aside and give it to one of my other mechs. Thanks for that information, it was really helpful!


Ok. My older mech is my profile picture, but here. 11 PM


use the truck x a physical with rolling beasts xD
it looks better
Naga with supporters looks cooler


I don’t really care about style, but how good the mech turns out in play. And is that Bunker Shell I see xD I really want that weapon.


both are cool torsos
but wendigo its better on stats
yeah they have same hp
but wendigo have more heat compared to naga energy
and more energy compared to naga heat

yeah its BS i got it on fortune box
actually fortune box drop me abomination too but thats all the good stuff i have
"premium" boxes & pack gave me max epic charcoal


That doesn’t really make a difference.Windigo with an energy engine pretty much equals Naga with a heat engine.


So, let’s get the exact calculation:
Naga + heat engine: 335 weight + 25 weight = 360 kg
With this you get: 279 energy, 104 regen, 282 heat, 114 cooling
Windigo + energy engine: 345 + 25 = 370 kg
With this you get: 306 energy, 114 regen, 301 heat, 112 cooling
To me it is clear that Windigo is a much better energy torso than a Naga is a heat torso. I pick Windigo, even though it is 10 kg heavier…
Which also means I have another epic to maxx to mythical… Ech, shitty life…

Which torso is best for energy?