Mythical to Tokens Refund


In most cases, we’re not all lucky when it comes to premium boxes. Truth to be told,15% Myth chance is not enough :stuck_out_tongue: on gold boxes. You would mostly end up getting a new useless weapon or either the same myth over and over again.(who buys silver and mythical boxes anyways?)

If you’re lucky, you would sometimes get a mythical and more lucky of you if you got a broken overpowered myth. But, what if you’re able to refund you’re mythical? Now of course a myth to another different myth would be extremely broken and abused system. What about if you we’re able to refund you’re (useless) myths to tokens?

How about like this:
Mythical Resistances Drainers Mark I: 10 tokens per each
Modules: /Mark I: 5 tokens each/Mark II: 7.5 tokens/Mark III: 10 tokens/Mark IV: 12 tokens/ Each Module
Drones: /Mark I: 5 tokens/Mark II: 10 tokens
Swords: 15 tokens

I don’t know what to price the other items since they have their own use so maybe you could give the prices? I think that each item should be priced differently because they’re different of uses and significance to each other. I would also like the price of tokens on an item be be increased a little bit when it’s fused.


Bad idea, game have Imbalance now. And this Introduction make more Imbalance again.


How would it be more imbalance?


Newbie players get more stuff and to first rank will come chaos.

If it happen u can see mechs vs enery (130 regen and ~400-500hp) , mechs vs heat with diamonds, and mechs with 1400 hp but small cooling vs physical.


I don’t get the logic there .-. sorry


Players start make mechs only vs one type, What is hard to understand here

If u can get all staff in one week, game will no longer be interesting. Because donaters can get all mythicals in one day by ur idea.

Random make game more interesting.


yeah and maybe even a way to transfer your coins to tokens since you tend to have an overabundance of coins and no where to use them


Then it should be cost at millions because farming coins is easy


Edit: this could be a good idea but most players probably wouldnt use it… u could probably give 25-50 tokes per mythical. It wouldnt be that op.


the idea of tokens is to pay real life money for them. coins are the free in game currency.


I’m wondering if there were a case when buying the 600 token box is the best choice.

That is, as you may have noticed, it’s claimed that, on average, you have a 30% chance to get an item that is not listed in the inventory. But the inventory varies all the time. For example, the +33HP healer drone does not exist in that list. But if you happened to be in great need of that drone, then buying multiple such item boxes can best serve your demand. Why? The probability of getting the healer is bigly increased, because there are very few M-leveled items that is not in the inventory for a time!

Actually let’s consider the extreme case, in which the only missing item in the inventory is the drone. Then theoretically you should have got 9 of them if you bought 10 600 token boxes. Isn’t that right?


It’s referring to your own inventory. Not the “Mythical Vault”.

Items missing from that vault are just visual bugs, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get them from the boxes.


That average %30 gets worse and worse as you get more Mythicals. That 30% means if you don’t have a specific item like “GODMODE” and you have three of the same torso of all of the mythicals, you are not likely to get GODMODE. You will just continue to get what mythical’s you have in inventory. It will be more rare as you save more mythicals.


So “inventory” means what a player has, instead of the museum of M-items?


Meowth, that’s right!


Why are u meowing? You’re a bunneh wabbut not a kitty cat.


Yep, that is correct…