Mythical MAX images


This two images contributed by other pilot. Who is not member of this forum.

Please share your “Mythical MAX” images below. it will help others in mech building. :relaxed:



Is this after the 2nd nerf /update? I know a few forum people have a “Maxed mythical” thread with the objective of compiling all the mythicals at maxed stats. Perhaps you can head over there and contribute so we can have a single thread?



eyy i have both of them ( brutality and devouring paws ) :wink:
btw can i help you posting more maxed stuff here?


Should we post maxed modules too?


Its on lvl 49, I tried to fuse it max but still same stats so I didnt want to waste gold and items.


Nothing changes on lvl 50


Could you ask him how he bot the legs black?


Items become black when maxed, if you didn’t put a color kit on it.


anyways, i didnt knew that, but,its an ugly black


Btw those are the new stats from the seraphblade



Ha ha ha ha… bet the hidden stat of it is energy regen dmg… lmao.


I required some more images of drone spl weapons and modules here