Mythical items png list

Was clear to me. “Madam” from yo yo got me confused

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Don’t ya just love confusion cause I sure do.

No but seriously, Yo yo, don’t be afraid to ask next time? (less awkward and less off topic lmfao).

Youre talking to a guy who made a dual emp physical build. Confusion is my mistress.

At least in your case, confusion is INSANELY FUN. In mine, it’s quite the awkward situation, as you can tell ^ heh

EDIT: I’d only imagine someone packing dual EMP/HBs now…lmao

no because I don’t know why I can’t edit it?
and same thing happened at my top player guide?

Is this a bug or something else? @Sarah247 help me

You can’t edit a post once it’s been up for too long…
You gotta change it into a Wiki.

Ask Elcent to help you


@Elcent please make it into a wiki or make I can edit it
since I’m not a regular
so I can edit it


thank you @Elcent for help
I’ll continue to make it :wink:


You can also Enlist those that see stats right away as well. That is unless you can get the jump on new stats before anyone else and add em. Weee

anyone has maxed war hammer’s stats?

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@Wepwawet has a screenshot of hers maxed. I can’t find it myself, but she should be able to help you out.

Edit: definitely going to need Wepsy to give you the stats. I decided to go look for it real quickly and discovered the thread is gone. (War Hammer Thread).

So Wepsy, if you’re able to give him the stats/screenie. I’d appreciate it!



sorry man I make a typo…
I mean war hammer…
but thank you for that

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O. I dont have it maxed. I stoped at level 27 with many regrets…

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you don’t need to max it
@Wepwawet already have the screenshot :wink:

See Andernut’s list…

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He wishes to have the screenshot of the item so he can add the PNG as well.

(forgot this was also the PNG listings!)

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lol I found itBackbreaker
War hammer lol
to this


Releastic mode.

Update your topic there.
I’ll tell you the changes

EMP is 70 kg
Heat Bomb is 50 kg.
Claw dmg nerfed.

From Max myth topic

I hope i helped ya there.